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    🙀 Elasticsearch Query Builder

    A class for building a valid ElasticSearch query search expression, using best practices for each operators.

    👨‍🏭 Installing

    Clone from the current repo and then run the following command inside the root folder:

    npm i

    🧙‍♂️ CLI

    npm are included as follows:

    • test runs the unit test suites
    • commit wizard for creating a commit message that will automatically add interesting stuff to changelog and have a meaning. You may also use git cz if you install commitizen globally with npm i -g commitizen
    • semantic-release will be responsible for releasing the proper version to npm and add changelog.
    • watch-test automatically re-runs your test suite when code in src or test directories change
    • full-test runs tests, lint fix and outdated module check
    • lint runs ESLint which find problematic patterns in code
    • fix-lint runs ESLint with --fix flag to fix problematic patterns in code
    • prettier runs prettier opinionated code formatter to align style of code
    • watch-fix-lint automatically fix ESLint issues when code in src or test directories change
    • coverage runs nyc to produce a test coverage report
    • check-outdated runs david which check if package npm dependencies are out of date
    • check-vulnerabilities" runs nsp which check if package npm dependencies have security issues

    🤵 Directory Layout

    ├── test/                       # Unit, integration and load tests
    ├── index.js                  # Node.js file (entery point)
    ├── Dockerfile                  # Commands for building a Docker image for production
    ├── Jenkinsfile                 # Commands for building in Jenkins CI
    ├── Makefile                    # Commands as described below
    └── package.json                # The list of project dependencies

    👨‍⚕️ Linting

    ESLint comes already installed, extending eslint-recommanded. Don't forget to install the appropriate plugin for your editor.

     npm run fix-lint

    👨‍🔬 Testing

    Mocha is a JavaScript test runner that runs both on Node.js and in the browser. It provides functionality for testing both synchronous and asynchronous code with a very simple and similar interface. To run all tests please do following:

    npm test

    💂 Coverage

    Istanbul is used to produce a test coverage report. Look inside the coverage folder after running npm run coverage to see the results.

    npm run coverage

    👩‍🚀 Deploying

    There is no need to deploy once your tests have passed and your branch has merged with master. However you may have to update your package.json to the newest version, in the repo that is using this package, depending on how your package.json is configured.


    Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please discuss first what you would like to change and why. Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.




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