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    This package contains a shared ESLint config used by all the packages in the Fluid Framework repo.

    It exports the following shared ESLint configs:

    • minimal: (default) The minimal config for Fluid Framework packages.
    • recommended: The recommended config for Fluid Framework packages.
    • strict: The strictest config; intended for packages with public facing APIs.

    Changing the lint config

    If you want to change the shared lint config (that is, this package), you need to do the following:

    1. Make the change in the config.
    2. Publish a pre-release package.
    3. Update the core packages to use the pre-release lint config.

    When updating the lint config (step 1), run npm run print-config and commit any resulting changes.

    Tracking lint config changes over time

    One question that comes up often when we make changes to our lint config is, "what changed?" This applies even when we don't make any changes other than upgrading deps, because the dependency upgrade might include a new rule.

    ESLint provides a way to print the config that would apply to a file (--print-config), so we use this capability to print out the applied config as a JSON file. As we make changes to the config, we can print out the config again and get a diff to review as part of a PR -- just like we do with API reports for code changes.


    Script Description
    cleanup-printed-configs Clean up the printed configs. Removes the parser property and sorts the JSON.
    format npm run prettier:fix
    lint npm run prettier
    lint:fix npm run prettier:fix
    prettier prettier --check .
    prettier:fix prettier --write .
    print-config Print all the eslint configs.
    print-config:default Print the eslint config for regular TypeScript files (eslint --config index.js --print-config src/file.ts).
    print-config:minimal eslint --config ./minimal.js --print-config ./src/file.ts > ./printed-configs/minimal.json
    print-config:recommended eslint --config ./recommended.js --print-config ./src/file.ts > ./printed-configs/recommended.json
    print-config:strict eslint --config ./strict.js --print-config ./src/file.ts > ./printed-configs/strict.json
    print-config:test Print the eslint config for test files (eslint --config index.js --print-config src/test/file.ts).

    See GitHub for more details on the Fluid Framework and packages within.




    npm i @fluidframework/eslint-config-fluid

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