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Wowza Flowplayer React Native SDK

The Wowza Flowplayer React Native SDK allows you to seamlessly integrate the Wowza Flowplayer into native Android and iOS applications that leverage the React Native framework for development.

The SDK provides an easy-to-use API that wraps our native Android and Apple SDKs in a JavaScript layer that's exposed via Node Package Manager (npm). This enables you to develop cross-platform native mobile applications using only JavaScript. Ultimately, you can take advantage of the features that ship with our native Android and Apple SDKs as you enhance the video playback experience for your users.

See our official Wowza Flowplayer React Native SDK documentation for more.

Supported platforms

The Wowza Flowplayer React Native SDK currently supports these platforms:

  • Android 4.4+ (API level 19+)
  • iOS 14.0+ and iPadOS 14.0+

There's no current support for TV platforms, such as tvOS and Android TV.

Supported features

For a list of supported features, check our official documentation.

Before you start

Before you start with the latest version of the Wowza Flowplayer React Native SDK, check the requirements in the following tables.

For iOS

Requirement Version information
Supported platforms OS 14.0+, iPadOS 14.0+
Minimum system requirements Swift 5.7+, macOS 13.0+
Software requirements Xcode 15 and later

For more, see About the Apple SDK > Before you start.

For Android

Requirement Version information
Supported platforms Android 4.4+ (API level 19+)
Minimum system requirements Java 8+, Kotlin 1.9
Software requirements Android Studio Giraffe

For more, see About the Android SDK > Before you start.

Get started

Before you can get started with the SDK, you must set up your development environment, add the SDK to your project, and configure your token to enable player content.

Set up your environment

Working with our React Native SDK library requires:

  • At least React Native version 0.72.x and React version v18.2.x.
  • Node 18 or later for all target operating systems.
  • The Java Development Kit (JDK) and at least Java 8 for the Android installation.
  • CocoaPods version 1.14 or later for the iOS installation.

If you need some help setting up your environment, we recommend this React Native CLI Quickstart. Once you select your Development OS and Target OS in the the React Native CLI Quickstart, you can see the required dependencies to work with the Wowza Flowplayer React Native SDK.

Add the SDK to your project

You can integrate the Wowza Flowplayer React Native SDK into your existing projects via Node Package Manager (npm) or yarn. To download and install, see the @flowplayer/react-native-sdk npm package. Run the following commands inside your iOS or Android project:


npm install @flowplayer/react-native-sdk


yarn add @flowplayer/react-native-sdk

Set an access token

To allow the player to display content in your iOS or Android application, you have to set an access token. For platform-specific instructions, see Set an access token.

Run the demo application

You can find a sample application showcasing features of the Wowza Flowplayer React Native SDK in the example folder. To learn how to start the example app and test our React Native SDK, see this README.md.

Use the SDK

To use the SDK in your project, import the FlowplayerView component and FlowplayerRef type from the @flowplayer/react-native-sdk package:

import FlowplayerView, { type FlowplayerRef  } from "@flowplayer/react-native-sdk";

// Initialize a ref with the useRef hook that interacts with the FlowplayerView component
const ref = useRef<FlowplayerRef | null>(null);

// Call the load method on the FlowplayerView component, then load content with the ref

// Render the FlowplayerView component and pass the ref to it
<FlowplayerView  ref={ref} />;


For support, please open an issue in our GitHub repository or contact us directly at support@flowplayer.com.


We welcome contributions from the community! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please open an issue or submit a pull request.

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