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    ngx-select-dropdown Custom Dropdown component for Angular 4+ with multiple and single selection options


    • single select dropdown
    • multi select dropdown
    • search dropdown list
    • arrows keys support
    • limit number of items displayed in dropdown
    • custom sort
    • angular forms support
    • angular v4 and above supported
    • cross browser support



    • npm install ngx-select-dropdown

    Using with webpack and tsc builds/ angular-cli builds

    • import SelectDropDownModule into your app.module;
    import { SelectDropDownModule } from 'ngx-select-dropdown'
    • add SelectDropDownModule to the imports of your NgModule:
      imports: [
    class YourModule { ... }
    • include css styles in you angular-cli.json for versions earlier than 1.4.0
     "styles": [
    • use <ngx-select-dropdown></ngx-select-dropdown> in your templates to add the custom dropdown in your view like below
    <ngx-select-dropdown (change)="selectionChanged($event)" [multiple]="true" [(ngModel)]="dataModel" [config]="config" [options]="dropdownOptions"></ngx-select-dropdown>
    • use with reactive form like
    <ngx-select-dropdown (change)="selectionChanged($event)" formControlName="selectData" [multiple]="true" [config]="config" [options]="dropdownOptions"></ngx-select-dropdown>



    • multiple: boolean - true/false beased if multiple selection required or not Defaults to false.
    • options: Array - Array of string/objects that are to be the dropdown options.
    • disabled: boolean - disabled attribute to disable the dropdown when required.
    • config: Object - configuration object.
    config = {
            displayFn:(item: any) => { return; } //to support flexible text displaying for each item
            displayKey:"description", //if objects array passed which key to be displayed defaults to description
            search:true //true/false for the search functionlity defaults to false,
            height: 'auto' //height of the list so that if there are more no of items it can show a scroll defaults to auto. With auto height scroll will never appear
            placeholder:'Select' // text to be displayed when no item is selected defaults to Select,
            customComparator: ()=>{} // a custom function using which user wants to sort the items. default is undefined and Array.sort() will be used in that case,
            limitTo: 0 // number thats limits the no of options displayed in the UI (if zero, options will not be limited)
            moreText: 'more' // text to be displayed whenmore than one items are selected like Option 1 + 5 more
            noResultsFound: 'No results found!' // text to be displayed when no items are found while searching
            searchPlaceholder:'Search' // label thats displayed in search input,
            searchOnKey: 'name' // key on which search should be performed this will be selective search. if undefined this will be extensive search on all keys
            clearOnSelection: false // clears search criteria when an option is selected if set to true, default is false
            inputDirection: 'ltr' // the direction of the search input can be rtl or ltr(default)


    • change: Event - change event when user changes the selected options
    • open: Event - open event when the dropdown toogles on
    • close: Event - close event when the dropdown toogles off
    • searchChange: Event - search change event when the search text changes

    Change detection

    As of now ngx-select-dropdown uses Default change detection startegy which means dirty checking checks for immutable data types. And in Javascript Objects and arrays are mutable. So when changing any of the @Input parameters if you mutate an object change detection will not detect it. For ex:-

    this.options.push({id: 34, description: 'Adding new item'});
    // or
    config.height = '200px';

    Both the above scenarios will not trigger the change detection. In order for the componet to detect the changes what you need to do is:-

    this.options = [...this.options, {id: 34, description: 'Adding new item'}];
    // or
    config = {...config, height:'200px'};


    • v0.1.0
     Added a change event so that user can attach a change event handler.
     If multiselect the selected text will display first item and + count for eg. (Option 1 + 2 more) .
    • v0.2.0
     Angular 4 and above support.
     Bug with search functionality fixed.
    • v0.3.0
     Support for Observable data source for options and async pipe.
     IE bug with styling.
     Few other minor bug fixes.
    • v0.4.0
     Use arrows keys and enter to select items from available options.
     Case insensitive search.
     Few other minor bug fixes.
    • v0.5.0
     Support for scroll bar with too many list items.
     Few other minor bug fixes.
    • v0.7.0
     Support for limito pipe to limit number of options displayed in case of too many options.
     Support for customComparator / custom sort function
     Few other minor bug fixes.
    • v0.7.2
     Support for angular 6
     Removed dependency on rxjs
    • v0.8.0
     No Results found indicator with custom text passed with config
     Custom text for *more* when more than 1 items selected
     Open event emitted
     Close event emitted
     Search placeholder text
    • v1.0.0
     Search on a specified key value.
     Support for Reactive forms
     Few other minor imoprovements and fixes
    • v1.2.0
     Search text change event searchChange
    • v1.3.0
     Clear search on selection config
     Disable with reactive forms .disable()
    • v1.5.0
    Custom function for displaying text for each option
    Add disabled class to different items based on item.disabled
    Clear select when value empty.

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    Contributing to this project

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