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The FlatfileRecord class represents a record with methods for manipulating and retrieving field values, metadata, and handling record information such as errors, warnings, and comments. Overall, it provides a convenient way to work with individual records of data and perform operations on them.

  • FlatfileRecord has various getter and setter methods for accessing and modifying the record's data.
  • It also provides methods for adding information, comments, errors, and warnings to the record.
  • The compute, computeIfPresent, and validate methods perform computations and validations on specific fields of the record.
  • The toJSON method returns a JSON representation of the record with associated information.


The FlatfileRecords class represents a collection of FlatfileRecord instances. It takes an array of raw records (IRawRecord) as input and creates an array of FlatfileRecord objects by mapping each raw record to a FlatfileRecord instance. The FlatfileRecords class provides a records property to access the array of records and a toJSON method that converts the collection of records to JSON format by calling the toJSON method on each individual FlatfileRecord.


The FlatfileSession class encapsulates an instance of the IPayload interface. It has various getter methods that allow accessing different properties of the payload.

  • workspaceId: Retrieves the workspace ID from the payload.
  • workbookId: Retrieves the workbook ID from the payload.
  • schemaId: Retrieves the schema ID from the payload.
  • schemaSlug: Retrieves the schema slug from the payload.
  • uploads: Retrieves the uploads array from the payload.
  • endUser: Retrieves the endUser object from the payload.
  • rows: Retrieves the rows array from the payload.
  • env: Retrieves the env object from the payload.
  • envSignature: Retrieves the envSignature value from the payload.

By creating an instance of the FlatfileSession class with a payload, you can conveniently access the payload properties using the provided getter methods.

Get started

FlatfileRecord is now folded into the @flatfile/plugin-record-hook and most commonly used there.




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