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    Vue 3 Brand-Evo Components and Widget Library for Customer Apps. Overview

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    Use Package 🐨


    • Node Version
    • Vue ^3.2.11


    npm i @fitx/customer-components

    Use in App

    import { BaseButton } from '@fitx/customer-components';

    Development 🤖

    All Designs located as sketch files in sketch cloud

    npm install

    Compiles and hot-reloads for development Demo

    npm run serve

    Compiles and minifies Lib for production

    npm run build:vite

    Compiles and minifies Lib as web imports

    npm run build:lib-web

    Compiles and minifies Lib as web components for production

    npm run build:vite-wc

    Compiles and minifies Lib as all above

    npm run build

    Run your unit tests

    npm run test:unit

    Run your end-to-end tests

    npm run test:e2e

    Lints and fixes files

    npm run lint

    Start Storybook

    npm run storybook

    Build Storybook

    npm run build-storybook

    Customize configuration

    See Configuration Reference.

    Local testing

    Link Lib to other Repo

    Create local SymLink to Package

    npm link

    Go to consuming App, link and install

    npm link @fitx/customer-components
    npm i @fitx/customer-components

    Update Lib

    Make sure to update index file after add new Components. and run

    npm run build:lib

    Publish Lib

    npm publish --access public

    Release to NPM and publish to netlify

    As soon as you merge or push into branch 'release' GitHub Actions starts a workflow:

    • run unit tests

    • after success:

    • publish to NPM

    • netlify will trigger build for manually deployment

    • On update Master, Netlify will build and deploy automatically

    If version in package.json is not updated, NPM release will fail

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    npm i @fitx/customer-components

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