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    Redux - Request Middleware

    Simple Redux middleware that internally uses Axios and allows your dispatched actions to easily hook into the various Promise lifecycles.


    Any action that is dispatched using the middleware's provided Symbol for a request will be picked up by the middleware. All other action types are ignored by the middleware and will not affect any existing actions that your application currently dispatches.

    The required action type can be imported via:

    import { symbols } from "@fanai/redux-request-middleware";
    const { REQUEST } = symbols;

    The middleware then picks up those actions and makes an async request to the endpoint specified in the options config using axios. The options configuration can optionally be a function that then returns an Axios configuration object or an array of configuration objects. This is useful if your options need some value in your application's state that either aids in forming the options or is sent along with the request itself.

    The config for axios can be either an object representing a single request, or alternatively it can be an array of config objects which internally calls axios.all() and resolves with an array of values similar to Promise.all().

    Each configured lifecycle, e.g. PENDING, SETTLED, FULFILLED, REJECTED, CANCELLED, is expected to return a flux standard action so a type property is required. The payload is simply the data you want to be dispatched just like any other action in your application. If a function is provided for the payload then that function will receive the response of the async request, the original dispatched action, and state which comes from Redux's getState() method. You can optionally use these to build the payload that is dispatched at each stage in the respective lifecycle for the request that was made, therefore allowing your payloads to be dynamically built.

    Note: The SETTLED lifecycle functions similar to Promise.finally() and will receive the error or the response depending on which is returned by axios.

    In addition, the middleware supports short-polling in-order to poll a given endpoint at a set interval with an optional timeout.

    More information on the options and their default values for the middleware's configuration can be found below.

    For more on Redux and middleware checkout the redux docs


    // hook up the middleware
    import { createStore, combineReducers, applyMiddleware } from 'redux'
    import { RequestReduxMiddleware, symbols } from '@fanai/redux-request-middleware';
    const store = createStore(
      // applyMiddleware() tells createStore() how to handle middleware
    // in your action creator...
    import { Dispatch } from 'redux';
    // then dispatch an action with a type of REQUEST: Symbol(@@request)
      payload: {
        concurrent?: false, // allow same endpoint to be hit concurrently
        // pre-populated axios instance set with any global application request defaults
        instance?: axios.create(AxiosRequestConfig),
        // async request lifecycle hooks
        lifecycle?: {
          [SETTLED]?: {
            payload: (response: AxiosResponse, action: RequestAction, state: any): any => {},
            type: 'SETTLED'
          [FULFILLED]?: {
            payload: (response: AxiosResponse, action: RequestAction, state: any): any => {},
            type: 'FULFILLED'
          [REJECTED]?: {
            payload: (response: AxiosResponse, action: RequestAction, state: any): any => {},
            type: 'REJECTED'
          [PENDING]?: {
            payload: (response: undefined, action: RequestAction, state: any): any => {},
            type: 'PENDING',
          [CANCELLED]?: {
            payload: (response: undefined, action: RequestAction, state: any): any => {},
            type: 'CANCELLED',
        namespace?: (options, uid) => options.url, // unique request type
        // axios request options or function that receives the appState and should return an AxiosRequestConfig
        options: {},
        poll?: {
          pollInterval?: 2000, // time between polls
          pollUntil?: (response) => true, // conditional to exit polling
         timeout?: 10000 * 2, // bail from polling if pollUntil condition is never met
        // configurable action based on HTTP status
        statusCodes?: new Map([
          [[400], {
            payload: (response: AxiosResponse | AxiosError, action: RequestAction, state: any) => {},
            type: 'SOME_ACTION_TYPE',
      type: REQUEST


    Name Required Default Description
    instance undefined axios instance axios instance that can be pre-configured with common options that are then merged with subsequent request options
    options undefined axios configuration or a function that receives the current appState and returns an Axios config object. NOTE this can optionally be supplied if you instead supply a fetch param. More on that below.
    concurrent true Allow requests against the same endpoint to happen concurrently
    namespace Symbol(@@generic) Caches concurrent requests against a namespace in-order to cancel when concurrent is set to false
    pollUntil undefined Function used to enabled polling. If supplied it receives the response and should return true/false in-order to exit or continue polling
    pollInterval 5000 Number of milliseconds to wait between polls
    timeout 2min Number of milliseconds to wait before bailing out of an active poll
    statusCodes undefined Map of http status codes to perform a lookup against when a request succeeds or fails
    lifecycle undefined If not provided then the request will happen and simple return a Promise that resolves with the fetch's success or rejects with a failure error
    fetch undefined function that return's a Promise. This is helpful when you want to use the middleware but you might for instance be using a different API that internally has its own fetch mechanism other than Axios. If this value is supplied the options are ignored.


    Redux-middleware is open source software licensed as Apache License, Version 2.0.


    npm i @fanai/redux-request-middleware

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