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SDK for Customer Facing Channels

This SDK is used for embedding customer-facing channel capabilities in a mobile-app (native, hybrid) or a web-app. Developers can use their own user interface on a Web or any Native-App. Learn more about the products we build at Expertflow CX

SDK Capabilities

With this SDK, the developer can enable the customer to:

  • Start and End Chat.
  • Make an audio or a video call via WebRTC AUDIO ONLY
  • Receive system events and notifications and deliver necessary information to the customer
  • Send and Receive delivery notifications
  • Send and Receive all of the supported chat messages including rich-media messages
  • Enable call controls in the customer app for audio and video calls AUDIO ONLY
  • Get contact center stats ROADMAP
  • Contact center available timings ROADMAP
  • Get to know the availability of agents before initiating a request ROADMAP
  • Get to know expected waiting time ROADMAP

Get Started


Make sure you have access to the Unified Admin Panel of the Expertflow CX. The following configurations are needs to be added in the Web Widget Settings.

Create Customer Widget Settings in Unified Admin

Create a Customer Widget in Unified Admin > Web Widget Settings

WebRTC Settings in Unified Admin
Properties Explanation Sample Value
WSS FS Server String value of EF switch IP or FQDN 'wss://'
URI FS String value of EF switch webRTC port ''
Dialling URI EF switch DN '369852'
SIP Extension Extension dedicated for dialling 'ext'
Extension Password Extension password for registration 'password'
Channel String value required to get web socket "mobile"
Web Socket String value required to get web socket "wss"
Ice Servers Set of array values required to get servers stun:stun.l.google.com:19302 , stun:stun1.l.google.com:19302

Update config file

Make sure to pass following configurations from config file to SDK

Properties Explanation Sample Value
widget_identifier String value required to get widget configurations widget_identifier = "Web"
service_identifier String value required to get channel manager details service_identifier = 5155
channel_identifier String value required to get customer identification using prechat form field PRE-CHAT FORM channel_identifier = "phone"
conversational_url String value of conversation manager IP or FQDN conversational_url = "https://<public_ip>"
form_url String value of unified admin's forms api IP or FQDN for pre-chat form form_url = "https://<public_ip>"
socket_url String value of web channel manager IP or FQDN socket_url = "https://<public_ip>"
file_server_url String value of file server engine IP or FQDN file_server_url = "https://<public_ip>"
ccm_url String value of customer channel manager IP or FQDN ccm_url = "https://<public_ip>"
bot_framework_url String value of bot framework IP or FQDN bot_framework_url = "https://<public_ip>"

If Application is in React Native make sure to install additional packages to support SDK.

Install Packages for React Native

Run the Following commands before installing React Native SDK for Customer Facing Channels:

  • npm i jssip-node-websocket
  • npm i react-native-jssip
  • npm i react-native-webrtc
  • npm i websocket

Once all these pre-requisite packages are installed, We're ready to install React Native SDK for Customer Facing Channels:

npm i @expertflow/sdk-for-customer-facing-channels@2.0.0

Now just include the SDK package into the file where SDK functions are required and experience the Expertflow CX Features.

import * as customerSDK from 'sdk-for-customer-facing-channels'; OR const customerSDK = require('sdk-for-customer-facing-channel');

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