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Event is the easiest way to filter, collect, enrich, transform, retry and reliably deliver billions of events in real-time.

This library allows you to quickly and easily emit events via Node.js.

Install Package

Install the @event-inc/emit NPM package in your working code environment:

> npm install @event-inc/emit

Emit Events from your Server

Step 1: Copy your Secret Key

Your Node.js has a unique Secret Key that you'll now use to authenticate from your server.

To find and copy your key, simply open the Node.js source from your Developer Dashboard, scroll down to the Secret Key section and click copy.

Step 2: Initialize

Run the following snippet to initialize the Node SDK. It creates a global Event client object that can be used for all the subsequent event requests.

import { createClient } from "@event-inc/emit";

const client = createClient(process.env.EVENT_INC_SECRET_KEY);

Step 3: Emit your event

The emit method lets you create and package an event with a name and a payload.

  1. event - The name of the event
  2. payload - The data of the event

A sample emit call is as shown:

client.emit("user.created", {
  name: "John Doe",
  email: "john@example.com"

Once an event is emitted, it will be visible immediately in the Live Events feed in your Event Developer Dashboard.


© 2023, Buildable Technologies Inc. - Released under the MIT License

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