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    EVA JS Toolbox

    Additional functions for EVA JS Framework


    Toolbox is automatically injected in EVA JS Framework as $eva.toolbox when loaded in a web browser.

    Toolbox functions

    $eva.toolbox.chart(ctx, cfg, oid, params)

    requires chart.js


    • ctx html container element or id to draw in (must have fixed width/height)

    • cfg chart.js configuration

    • oid item oid or oids, array or comma separated (type:full_id)

    • params object with additional params:

      • timeframe - timeframe to display (5T - 5 min, 2H - 2 hr, 2D - 2 days etc.), default: 1D. To display past timeframes, use two values, separated with ":", e.g. 2D:1D - get data for yesterday. To display multiple timeframes, send this param as array. Axis X is always formed from the first timeframe. If you want to change this, put "t" before the necessary timeframe, e.g.: t2D:1D

      • fill - precision[:np] (10T - 60T recommended, more accurate - more data), np - number precision, optional. default: 30T:2

      • update - update interval in seconds. If the chart container is no longer visible, chart stops updating

      • prop - item property to use (default is value)

      • units - data units (e.g. mm or °C)

      • animate - custom animation function

      • args - additional API options (state_history)

    Returns Chart object.

    If multiple timeframes and multiple items are specified, chart data is filled as: first timeframe for all items, second timeframe for all items etc.


    Simple standard load animation.

    Param ctx - HTML element or id.

    $eva.toolbox.popup(ctx, pclass, title, msg, params)

    Opens popup window. Requires bootstrap CSS. There can be only 1 popup opened with specified html ctx. If the page want to open another popup, the current one will be overwritten unless it's class is higher than a new one, otherwise exception is raised.

    • ctx html element or id to use as popup (any empty

      is fine)
    • pclass popup class: info, warning or error. opens big popup window if '!' is put before the class (e.g. !info)

    • title popup window title

    • msg popup window message

    • params object with handlers and additional parameters:

      • ct - popup auto close time (sec), equal to pressing escape

      • btn1 - button 1 name (default: 'OK')

      • btn2 - button 2 name

      • va - validate function which runs before Promise resolve function. If the function return true, the popup is closed and resolve function is executed. "va" function is used to validate an input, if popup contains any input fields.

    Returns Promise object. Resolve and reject functions are called with "true" parameter if button is pressed by user.

    Custom animation functions

    You may override default animation function with custom:

    $eva.toolbox.animate = function(ctx) {
      var el = typeof ctx === 'object' ? ctx : document.getElementById(ctx);
      // replace specified HTML DOM element with animation


    npm i @eva-ics/toolbox

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