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Fix Your Node.js Errors in Minutes

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Centralized logging

Experience centralized logging at its finest. Collect, visualize, and filter Node.js logs seamlessly with our intuitive interface.

  • Automatic log collection
  • Intelligent grouping
  • Smart filtering

All errors in one place

Put an end to the endless search for errors in your app logs. Errsole centralizes all your app errors in one place for instant viewing and easy resolution.

  • Errors
  • Uncaught exceptions
  • Failed requests
  • Slow requests

Root cause of every error

Don't settle for just error stacks. With Errsole, you can pinpoint the exact HTTP requests that caused errors.

  • HTTP requests that caused errors
  • HTTP requests that caused uncaught exceptions
  • User activity that led to errors

Real-time notifications

Errsole provides you with real-time notifications regarding errors in your app, enabling quick response and resolution.

  • Email notifications
  • Slack notifications
  • Real-time error notifications
  • Daily summary

Debugger for production

Say goodbye to console.log statements. With Errsole Debugger, you can debug your production environment directly from your web browser.

  • Reproduce errors
  • Debug your production environment
  • Your production code remains untouched
  • Your live app and users are unaffected

Getting Started


Errsole is a Node.js module. You can install this module using the npm install command:

npm install @errsole/node


You must obtain a unique token to configure the Errsole module in your app.

Follow the steps below to generate a unique token:

  1. Click on the button below to go to the Errsole website.
  2. Create an Errsole account or sign in with an existing one.
  3. Create an entry for your app.
  4. Copy the code snippet generated for your app, which includes a unique token.
  5. Insert the code snippet as the first line of your app's main file.
  6. Deploy your app as usual. Once deployed, Errsole will start capturing errors and associating them with your app's entry in the Errsole platform.

Setup Errsole


 * Insert this Errsole code snippet as the first line of your app's main file
const errsole = require('@errsole/node');
  framework: 'express',
  token: '[Your Errsole Token]'
// End of Errsole code snippet

 * Your app code starts here
const express = require('express');
const app = express();

app.get('/', function (req, res) {
  res.send('Hello World');



If you run into any issues, please raise a ticket at Errsole Support.

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