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A modular AngularJS User Management UI package

ngx-user-admin is a npm package designed for use with the Erdiko User Admin Module but is easily extended for use in other projects. Secured with routing guards and JWT tokens, this package is a great start (or end) for secure user management.

The UI relies upon the Twitter Bootstrap / ngx-bootstrap projects and is easily modified for customization by extending the components.

Note this is an active development project and not quite ready for production yet. A stable V1 is due for release end of June 2017.


  • Authorization & Users Service
  • Login Service & Form Component
  • Flash Message Service & Display Component
  • Sortable & Paginated User List
  • User Editing Component
  • Sortable & Paginated Users Event List

Documentation & Demos

Coming Soon!


This package is included as a dependency with our user-admin project by default. We highly suggest you check out this package for all your user administration needs.

If you would like to use this package with your custom package, you will need to provide matching AJAX responses or extend the services. For more information, please refer to our documentation (coming soon).

Manual installation of this package is also quite simple and is required for local development:

npm i @erdiko/ngx-user-admin

Special Thanks

Arroyo Labs - For sponsoring development, http://arroyolabs.com

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npm i @erdiko/ngx-user-admin

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