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Enhance CLI

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Getting started

Create a new Enhance project by running the command:

npx "@enhance/cli@latest" new ./myproject -y

This will create a new Enhance project which includes the Enhance CLI as a dev dependency.


Install the Enhance CLI in an existing Enhance project by opening your terminal and entering the following command:

npm i -g @enhance/cli --save-dev

Alternatively, you can globally install Enhance with npm: npm i -g @enhance/cli.


  • Run npx enhance to see your list of available commands
  • Get help:
    • Providing no argument (or unknown arguments) will print help; help should never be hard to get!
    • Additionally, providing the argument help anywhere in your command will always display relevant help (like -h or --help flags); for example:
      • npx enhance dev help is equivalent to npx enhance help dev or npx enhance dev -h
  • Disable colorized output with the --no-color flag, or with the following env vars: ENHANCE_NO_COLOR, NO_COLOR, or by setting TERM to dumb
    • Output is automatically de-colorized in JSON mode (--json)

JSON output

Setting the --json flag sets the output mode to JSON, intended for use with modern JSON-based workflows using tools like jq.

As such, final JSON output is always sent to stdout, even in the event of an error. Additionally, all ANSI colorization is automatically stripped from JSON output.

JSON schema

Successful execution:

  • ok (boolean): always true
  • message (string): always be present, but may be empty ("")
  • Other properties: individual commands may provide their own properties; for example: begin version will output begin (executable path) and version (semver string) properties)

Unsuccessful execution

  • ok (boolean): always false
  • error (string): message of the error
  • stack (string): stack trace of the error; only present if --debug flag is set


Wherever possible, the Enhance CLI adheres to the Command Line Interface Guidelines.




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