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X Components

This is a library based on components, it offers you the possibility to combine them in different ways to create your own search experience. These components can be used even if you don't want to build a search experience, they can be used to build a regular application but taking advantage of their flexibility.

Set up development environment

Local setup

To start contributing on this project you need to understand how to see the X Components up and running.

  1. run pnpm i --frozen-lockfile at the project root
  2. set packages/x-components as working directory at the terminal
  3. run pnpm run serve

The app will be launch in localhost. Every view available at the top tabs is set in packages/x-components/src/router.ts.

The main tab is Home, pressing start you will see the contents of packages/x-components/src/views/home/Home.vue with most of the X Components presents on the view.

Use the X Components in your own project

A documentation about how to install and use X components can be found here.


To start contributing to project, please take a look to our Contributing Guidelines for Interface X Components.

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