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    This package provides Elegant Themes' base JS .eslintrc (without React plugins) as an extensible shared config.


    Our default export contains all of our ESLint rules, including ECMAScript 6+. It requires eslint and eslint-plugin-import.

    1. Install the correct versions of each package, which are listed by the command:

      npm info "@elegantthemes/eslint-config-base@latest" peerDependencies

      If using npm 5+, use this shortcut

      npx install-peerdeps --dev @elegantthemes/eslint-config-base

      If using yarn, you can also use the shortcut described above if you have npm 5+ installed on your machine, as the command will detect that you are using yarn and will act accordingly. Otherwise, run npm info "@elegantthemes/eslint-config-base@latest" peerDependencies to list the peer dependencies and versions, then run yarn add --dev <dependency>@<version> for each listed peer dependency.

    2. Add "extends": "@elegantthemes/base" to your .eslintrc.

    See Elegant Themes' overarching ESLint config, Airbnb's JavaScript styleguide, and the ESlint config docs for more information.


    This entry point only errors on whitespace rules and sets all other rules to warnings. View the list of whitespace rules here.

    Improving this config

    Consider adding test cases if you're making complicated rules changes, like anything involving regexes. Perhaps in a distant future, we could use literate programming to structure our README as test cases for our .eslintrc?

    You can run tests with npm test.

    You can make sure this module lints with itself using npm run lint.


    npm i @elegantthemes/eslint-config-base

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