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walkerOS Client Node - Create Server-Side Events

The walkerOS Node Client is designed for server-side applications, offering robust data handling and processing capabilities within walkerOS.

What Is The Node Client?

The Node Client operates in the server-side environment of your data infrastructure, facilitating:

  • Server-side Event Collection: Collects events from various server-side sources.
  • Event Validation: Validates and ensures data quality and integrity.
  • Data Processing: Processes and enriches events before they are sent to destinations.
  • Consent Management: Manages and respects user consent, which is crucial for privacy compliance.
  • Integration with Stacks: Seamlessly works with walkerOS Stacks for advanced data operations.

Learn more in the Node Client documentation

A previous step is understanding the walkerOS event model.

The next step is integrating these processed events with Node Destinations for actionable insights.

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