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Getting Started


  • This requires the following intents: GUILD_MESSAGES, MESSAGE_CONTENT to work!
  • The bridge will not repost any messages from the webhookId provided in the 'webhooks' array! (to avoid spam)
  • This needs either discord.js v13 or v14!

Import the Bridge Client

const { Bridge } = require("@elara-services/bridge");

Configure the bridge

const bridge = new Bridge(client, [ // You can have multiple bridge channels 
        enabled: true, // True: Post to the webhooks in the array below
        webhooks: [ // Array of webhooks to post to.
        username: "", // OPTIONAL: The username overrides the message author/member info | View "Username formats" below!
        avatarURL: "", // OPTIONAL: The avatar URL overrides the message author/member avatar URL
        includeAllMessages: false,  // OPTIONAL: The 'includeAllMessages' boolean will bridge ALL messages in the channel/category ID provided. (DEFAULT: FALSE)
        // By default this will only allow crossposted messages to be announced.
        showMemberProfile: false, // OPTIONAL: THe 'showMemberProfile' boolean will make the username and avatarURL for the member's info (if any) (DEFAULT: FALSE)
        channelId: "12345678", // OPTIONAL/REQUIRED: The 'channelId' is the channel it will be listening to messages in (This channel ID is only required if there is no Category ID provided)
        categoryId: "12345678" // OPTIONAL/REQUIRED: The 'categoryId' is the category it will be listening to messages in (This is only required if there is no channelId provided!)

Start Listening!


Username Formats

  • {author.name} - Shows the user's name (ex: SUPERCHIEFYT)
  • {author.tag} - Shows the user's name and tag (ex: SUPERCHIEFYT#0001)
  • {author.id} - Shows the user's ID (ex: 288450828837322764)
  • {member.nickname} - Shows the member's nickname/display_name (ex: Beep Boop)
  • {member.tag} - Shows the member's nickname/display_name and tag (ex: Beep Boop#0001)

Example bot

See: https://github.com/elara-bots/npm/tree/main/bridge/examples/bot on how to get a small bot running with this package!

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