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Volto add-on: Various Volto schema-based widgets.


This Volto addon provides several "abstract" widgets, to allow complex information to be editable by the schema-based forms. It centers around the concept: "we can create a form to edit a JSON object by using a schema" and so it provides, right now, widgets to edit "list of JSON objects", a "mapping of JSON objects" and a single "JSON object, but I choose the schema for it".


Flat List object

This widget allows you to edit a list of objects by creating, editing and deleting instances of objects editable with the provided schema parameter. The list is sortable with drag&drop. You can also provide a schema extender, a function with signature (schema, data) => schema, which will adjust, per instance of object, its schema. To use this widget, in the schema, set the widget field to object_list_inline.

Example of how the data could look like for a block:

"a55c5053-ba81-4f73-ab29-7cdea74df20f": {
	"@type": "dataTable",
	"columns": [
			"@id": "f899ca76-68be-4ded-aa0b-669c04c27309",
			"column": " PERC_HA_07\n(in %)",
			"renderer": "progress",
			"title": "21"
			"@id": "94315c5a-e031-4b7e-acb2-93887878a252",
			"column": " PERC_HA_07\n(in %)",
			"title": "12"

The columns field, in this case, is data generated by the FlatListObject. The schema for this field could look like (ColumnSchema() just generates another instance of a schema, suitable for the column definition of our specific use case):

columns: {
  title: 'Columns',
  description: 'Leave empty to show all columns',
  schema: ColumnSchema(),
  widget: 'object_list_inline',

Mapping Widget

Mapping widget

This widget allows editing the properties of an object. For example, in the following block data, the row_colors value is generated by an instance of the MappingWidget.

"4430a32a-a266-497b-88e7-72fead5ab718": {
  "@type": "dottedTableChart",
  "column_data": "habitat_group",
  "row_colors": {
    "Bad": "#ed1834",
    "F - Heathland, scrub and tundra": "#88c24f",
    "Good": "#3c8000",
    "Poor": "#f2a70e",
    "Unknown": "#8d8d8d"
  "row_data": "assessment",
  "size_data": "quantity"

You need to provide the options, which is a list of objects with {id, title} and the field_props, which are parameters for the actual field that will be used to edit the values. In our case the schema definition that was used to edit the above value is (note, the options are empty, we're populating them in the edit component, before passing the schema to the form):

row_colors: {
  title: 'Colors',
  widget: 'option_mapping',
  field_props: {
    widget: 'simple_color',
    available_colors: settings.available_colors,
  options: [],

To use this widget, in the schema, set the widget field to option_mapping.

Object by type

Object by type

With this widget you can choose the type of value that will be used, from a predefined list of schemas. A schema that would use this type of widget could look like:

const LinkEditSchema = {
  title: 'Link',
  fieldsets: [
      id: 'default',
      title: 'Default',
      fields: ['link'],
  properties: {
    link: {
      title: 'Link',
      widget: 'object_by_type',
      schemas: [
          id: 'internal',
          icon: internalSVG,
          schema: InternalLinkSchema,
          id: 'external',
          icon: externalSVG,
          schema: ExternalLinkSchema,
          id: 'email',
          icon: emailSVG,
          schema: EmailLinkSchema,
  required: [],

To use this widget, in the schema, set the widget field to object_by_type.

Getting started

Try volto-object-widget with Docker

  git clone https://github.com/eea/volto-object-widget.git
  cd volto-object-widget
  make start

Go to http://localhost:3000

Add volto-object-widget to your Volto project

  1. Make sure you have a Plone backend up-and-running at http://localhost:8080/Plone

    docker compose up backend
  2. Start Volto frontend

  • If you already have a volto project, just update package.json:

    "addons": [
    "dependencies": {
        "@eeacms/volto-object-widget": "*"
  • If not, create one:

    npm install -g yo @plone/generator-volto
    yo @plone/volto my-volto-project --canary --addon @eeacms/volto-object-widget
    cd my-volto-project
  1. Install new add-ons and restart Volto:

    yarn start
  2. Go to http://localhost:3000

  3. Happy editing!



How to contribute


Copyright and license

The Initial Owner of the Original Code is European Environment Agency (EEA). All Rights Reserved.

See LICENSE.md for details.


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