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Open edX Brand Package Interface

Warning This package will no longer receive updates. The latest version of this package can be found at https://www.npmjs.com/package/@openedx/brand-openedx

This project contains the default branding assets and style used in Open edX applications. It is published on npm as @edx/brand-openedx.

The file structure serves as an interface to be implemented for custom branding and theming of Open edX.

How to use this package

Applications in Open edX are configured by default to include this package for branding assets and theming visual style.

To use a custom brand and theme...

  1. Fork or copy this project. Ensure that it lives in a location accessible to Open edX applications during asset builds. This may be a published git repo, npm, or local folder depending on your situation.
  2. Replace the assets in this project with your own logos or SASS theme. Match the filenames exactly. Open edX applications refer to these files by their filepath. Refer to the brand for edx.org at https://github.com/edx/brand for an example.
  3. Configure your Open edX instance to consume your custom brand package. Refer to this documentation on configuring the platform: https://docs.openedx.org/projects/openedx-proposals/en/latest/architectural-decisions/oep-0048-brand-customization.html [TODO: Add a link to documentation on configuring in Open edX MFE pipelines when it exists]
  4. Rebuild the assets and microfrontends in your Open edX instance to see the new brand reflected. [TODO: Add link to relevant documentation when it is completed].

Files this package must make available



/logo-trademark.svg A variant of the logo with a trademark ® or ™. Note: This file must be present. If you don't have a trademark variant of your logo, copy your regular logo and use that.


/logo-white.svg A variant of the logo for use on dark backgrounds


/favicon.ico A site favicon


/paragon/images/card-imagecap-fallback.png A variant of the default fallback image for [Card.ImageCap] component.


/paragon/fonts.scss, /paragon/_variables.scss, /paragon/_overrides.scss A SASS theme for @edx/paragon. Theming documentation in Paragon is coming soon. In the meantime, you can start a theme by the contents of _variables.scss (after line 7) file from the Paragon repository into this file.




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