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Link Autocomplete

An upgraded version of base inline link tool with your server's search.


Install via NPM

Get the package

npm i --save-dev @editorjs/link-autocomplete
yarn add -D @editorjs/link-autocomplete

Load from CDN

You can use package from jsDelivr CDN.

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@editorjs/link-autocomplete"></script>


Add a new Tool to the tools property of the Editor.js initial config.

var editor = EditorJS({
   * Tools list
  tools: {
    link: {
      class: LinkAutocomplete,
      config: {
        endpoint: 'http://localhost:3000/',
        queryParam: 'search'

Config Params

Search requests will be sent to the server by GET requests with a search string as a query param.

List of server connection params which may be configured.

endpoint — URL of the server's endpoint for getting suggestions.

queryParam — param name to be sent with the search string.

If there is no endpoint then tool will work only for pasted links.

Server response data format

For endpoint requests server should answer with a JSON containing following properties:

  • success (boolean) — state of processing: true or false
  • items ({name: string, href: string, description?: string}) — an array of found items. Each item must contain name and href params. The description param is optional. You can also return any other fields which will be stored in a link dataset.

Content-Type: application/json.

  "success": true,
  "items": [
      "href": "https://codex.so/editor",
      "name": "The first item",
      "description": ""
      "href": "https://codex.so/media",
      "name": "The second item",
      "description": ""

Output data

Marked text will be wrapped with a a tag as a usual link.

Additional data will be store in element's dataset: data-name, data-description and other custom fields.

    "type" : "text",
    "data" : {
        "text" : "Create a directory for your module, enter it and run <a href=\"https://codex.so/\" data-name=\"CodeX Site\">npm init</a> command."


By default, shortcut CMD (CTRL) + K is used for pasting links as usual.


There is a few phrases to be translated.

UI items:

  • Paste or search — placeholder for an input field if server endpoint passed.
  • Paste a link — placeholder for the same field if server endpoint is missing.

Error messages:

  • Cannot process search request because of — message before error's text in notification for a bad server response.
  • Server responded with invalid data — bad server's response
  • Link URL is invalid — pasted link url is bad
i18n: {
  messages: {
    tools: {
      LinkAutocomplete: {
        'Paste or search': '...',
        'Paste a link': '...',
        'Cannot process search request because of': '...',
        'Server responded with invalid data': '...',
        'Link URL is invalid': '...'

Support maintenance 🎖

If you're using this tool and editor.js in your business, please consider supporting their maintenance and evolution.


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