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The TempDataBackend class is a JavaScript class that provides methods for persisting data to a server and saving form data to a server. It uses the FetchRequest and TempData classes to perform these tasks.

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To use the TempDataBackend class, you first need to create an instance of the class. You can do this by passing in a TempData instance and a URI to the constructor.

const database = new TempData("my-database");
const backend = new TempDataBackend(database, "https://example.com/api/data");

Once you have created an instance of the TempDataBackend class, you can use the persist() method to persist data to the server. The persist() method takes two optional parameters: a redirect URL and a callback function. The redirect URL is the URL that the user will be redirected to after the data is persisted. The callback function is called after the data is persisted.

backend.persist("/success", (response) => {
  // Do something with the response

The save() method can be used to save form data to the server. The save() method takes an object as its only parameter. The object must contain the following properties:

  • submiter: The submit button element.
  • callback: The callback function to be called after the data is saved.
  • redirectUrl (optional): The URL to redirect to after the data is saved.
  • loader (optional): The loader HTML content to display while saving the data.
  submiter: document.querySelector("button[type=submit]"),
  callback: (response) => {
    // Do something with the response
  redirectUrl: "/success",
  loader: "<div>Loading...</div>",

Implementation Details

The TempDataBackend class uses the FetchRequest class to send data to the server. The FetchRequest class is a wrapper around the Fetch API that provides a number of helpful features, such as automatic JSON parsing and error handling.

The TempDataBackend class also uses the TempData class to store data in the browser's IndexedDB database. The TempData class provides a number of methods for working with IndexedDB

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