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    Eartho. One

    One line of code to authenticate users via
    Any social network, metamask and phone authentication

    You don't need to read the documents of all companies and you don't need to open accounts there.
    We are a third layer that abstracts the complexity for you and protects your users from being tracked.

    You can easily keep your backend solution - self server / firebase / amplify , or get a nocode solution from us.

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    About The Project

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    Get all integrations at once. No extra steps. From improving customer experience through seamless sign-on to making auth as easy as a click of a button – your login box must find the right balance between user convenience, privacy and security.

    Here's why:

    • Ready high converting UI/UX
    • Login from Google, Twitter, Github, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft at once with not extra steps or extra effort.
    • Your users will be protected under our third layer, we prevent from companies to track after your users.
    • Advanced analytics and info about your app from all sources. ready for use. no extra steps
    • No-Code / Your own server. you decide. We support all, your own server, our server, firebase auth and many more.

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    Getting Started

    Only 3 simple steps and you done

    Develop fast
    Get users from all sources into your app fast!
    One line of code to authenticate users via any social network. Eartho also supports web3 login via Metamask etc.
    You dont need to read the docs of all companies and you dont need to open accounts there.

      final options = { accessId: "0xd...07" };
      final crendentials = earthoOne.connectWithRedirect(options);  

    We manage our documents on our website as a single source of truth. Open our quick start guide to get started.

    Full Docs Here

    Our Discord For Live Support

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    Check the example folder

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    Distributed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. See LICENSE for more information.

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    Discord - Link
    Twitter - @eartho_world
    Email -

    Project Link:

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    npm i @eartho/one-client-react-native

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