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Dynatrace npm module for PaaS

This module adds enterprise grade monitoring for Node.js in PaaS environments that aren't supported by a dedicated integration. Before using this module, please review the Dynatrace documentation to make sure that there isn't already a marketplace integration or buildpack available for your platform.


  • Sign up for free and follow the instructions
  • Click on "Deploy Dynatrace"
  • Click on "Set up PaaS Integration"
  • Generate a PaaS token
  • Run $ npm install --save @dynatrace/oneagent in your project directory
  • Using the previously created credentials add the following code block as first statement to your application
try {
    environmentid: '<environmentid>',
    apitoken: '<paastoken>',
    endpoint: '<endpoint url>' // specify endpoint url - not needed for SaaS customers
} catch (err) {
  console.log('Failed to load OneAgent: ', err);

Emitting debug output

To enable debug output set the DEBUG environment variable to dynatrace*. For more detail see the debug module documentation.


Deploying Dynatrace to AWS Lambda

Starting with Dynatrace OneAgent 1.207, Dynatrace offers a dedicated AWS Lambda layer to monitor Node.js based AWS Lambda functions. Please review the Dynatrace product news and documentation to learn more.

Deploying Dynatrace to Heroku

Starting with Dynatrace OneAgent 1.141, Dynatrace offers a dedicated buildpack for Heroku. Please refer to our documentation for further instructions.

Deploying Dynatrace to Cloud Foundry

Starting with Dynatrace OneAgent 1.131 and Cloud Foundry Node.js buildpack 1.6.10 Dynatrace is part of the buildpack. Using the buildpack is preferable to the npm module approach due to several improvements. For instance, you're no longer required to install a dependency on @dynatrace/oneagent in your project directory. You also no longer need to add a require statement as the first statement of your application. Please review the Dynatrace product news and documentation to learn more.


Licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

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