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    Leaflet styling and bindings for @dso-toolkit/core.

    Target audience

    Leaflet implementators that would like to use the DSO Leaflet components and styling.

    In case of framework usage a developer needs to create bindings or they can use @dso-toolkit/react-leaflet if they are already using react-leaflet.


    This package needs @dso-toolkit/core for the presentation and interaction.

    Getting started

    npm install @dso-toolkit/core @dso-toolkit/leaflet


    Make sure to bundle dso-leaflet.css from this package and NOT the default leaflet.css. This is to make sure every Leaflet instance looks the same.

    Define custom elements, create MapControls and add to map.

    • Presentation is handled by a custom element (Web Component) <dso-map-controls> so we need to define the custom elements.
    • Make sure to disable the default ZoomControl.
    • Pass any layers that needs to be controlled as arguments.
    import { defineCustomElements } from '@dso-toolkit/core'
    import { markerIcon, MapControls, LayerObject } from '@dso-toolkit/leaflet'
    const cities = L.layerGroup()
    L.marker([39.61, -105.02], { icon: markerIcon() }).bindPopup('This is Littleton, CO.').addTo(cities)
    L.marker([39.74, -104.99], { icon: markerIcon() }).bindPopup('This is Denver, CO.').addTo(cities)
    L.marker([39.73, -104.8], { icon: markerIcon() }).bindPopup('This is Aurora, CO.').addTo(cities)
    L.marker([39.77, -105.23], { icon: markerIcon() }).bindPopup('This is Golden, CO.').addTo(cities)
    const mbAttr = 'Map data &copy; <a href="">OpenStreetMap</a> contributors, Imagery © <a href="">Mapbox</a>'
    const mbUrl = '{id}/tiles/{z}/{x}/{y}?access_token=pk.eyJ1IjoibWFwYm94IiwiYSI6ImNpejY4NXVycTA2emYycXBndHRqcmZ3N3gifQ.rJcFIG214AriISLbB6B5aw'
    const grayscale = L.tileLayer(mbUrl, { id: 'mapbox/light-v9', tileSize: 512, zoomOffset: -1, attribution: mbAttr })
    const streets = L.tileLayer(mbUrl, { id: 'mapbox/streets-v11', tileSize: 512, zoomOffset: -1, attribution: mbAttr })
    const map ='map', {
      center: [39.73, -104.99],
      zoomControl: false,
      zoom: 11,
      maxZoom: 18,
      minZoom: 5,
      layers: [streets]
    const baseLayers: LayerObject[] = [
      { name: 'Z Grayscale', layer: grayscale },
      { name: 'Streets', layer: streets }
    const overlays: LayerObject[] = [
      { name: 'Cities', layer: cities }
    const mapControls = new MapControls(baseLayers, overlays)


    Releasing to NPM

    Build local dependencies:

    yarn workspace @dso-toolkit/sources build
    yarn workspace @dso-toolkit/css build
    yarn workspace @dso-toolkit/core build

    Build @dso-toolkit/leaflet and set version:

    yarn workspace @dso-toolkit/leaflet build
    yarn workspace @dso-toolkit/leaflet version 1.0.0 --immediate

    Update package.json:peerDependencies:@dso-toolkit/core version accordingly.

    Run Yarn:

    yarn install

    Stage changes (package.json, yarn.lock, CHANGELOG) and commit with meaningful release commit message (ie. "@dso-toolkit/leaflet - Release v1.0.0"). Then publish to NPM:

    yarn workspace @dso-toolkit/leaflet npm publish --access public

    And push the release commit and commit tag




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