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    Collection of useful lighthouse audits


    npm i @dreipol/lighthouse-audits --save


    This module provides some audits for deeper inspections and better quality of your website/project.


    To add an audit to your lighthouse configuration you simply import this module. This module exports a couple of object (See API below). Those modules contain audits and gatherers. Those can be simply be added to your already existent lighthouse configuration.


    const {
    } = require('@dreipol/lighthouse-audits');
    passes: [
                passName: 'defaultPass',
                recordTrace: true,
                pauseAfterLoadMs: 10000,
                networkQuietThresholdMs: 10000,
                cpuQuietThresholdMs: 10000,
                gatherers: [
    audits: [

    Now we've added the gatherer and the audit. But if we run the audits now, we wont see the result of the audit in the report, since we didn't added the category where the audit should be added at. There are two options.

    First is to add all the categories and assign the audits by your own (recommended when not using the default)

    categories: {
        dreipol: {
            name: 'Dreipol Audits',
            description: 'Dreipol audits',
            audits: [
                { id: '<AUDIT_NAME>', weight: 5 },
        psi: {
            name: 'PSI',
            description: 'Page Speed Insight audits',
            audits: [
                { id: 'psi-speed-score', weight: 5 },

    Or you can use the default categories exported by this module. Those default categories are available under Categories

    Exmaple in your lighthouse config:

    const {
    } = require('@dreipol/lighthouse-audits');
    categories: {
        psi: Categories.PSI, 
        dreipol: Categories.Dreipol, 



    Structure of exported module. You can use these to add them as audits/gatherers

    Plain Email Addresses

    Class Description Audit Name
    PlainEmail.PlainEmailGatherer Gahters email adresses from a webpage
    PlainEmail.PlainEmailAudit Calculates the score for emails found on the page plain-email-audit

    Broken Links

    Class Description Audit Name
    BrokenLink.BrokenLinkGatherer Gathers all links from a page
    BrokenLink.BrokenLinkAudit Check if any link resolves to a 404 page brokenlink-audit

    Page Meta Tags

    Class Description Audit Name
    Meta.MetaGatherer Gather all META tags with the name='robots' on a page
    Meta.MetaAudit Check if any tag has a no-index or no-follow value meta-audit

    Page Speed Insights

    Class Description Audit Name
    PSI.PSIGatherer Runs a PSI report for the page
    PSI.PSISpeedScoreAudit Calculate score based on the speed score psi-speed-score
    PSI.PSIUsabilityScoreAudit Calculate score based on the usability score psi-usability-score
    PSI.PSIHTMLSizeAudit Calculate score based on the HTML size psi-html
    PSI.PSICssSizeAudit Calculate score based on the CSS size psi-css
    PSI.PSIImgSizeAudit Calculate score based on the IMG size psi-img
    PSI.PSIJsSizeAudit Calculate score based on the JS size psi-js
    PSI.PSIJsResourcesAudit Calculate score based on the amount of JS resources psi-js-resources
    PSI.PSICssResourcesAudit Calculate score based on the amount of CSS resources psi-CSS-resources

    Example usage see above


    To test the config in the /example folder run

    dreihouse report -f ./example/lh.desktop.js -vvv




    npm i @dreipol/lighthouse-audits

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