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A set of abstract TypeScript FuNctionS for common tasks.


The main goal of this package is to remedy the pain of writing readable linear functional code in TypeScript. This package was conceived as a workaround for these issues:

  • Lodash's chain() breaks in production builds. (see issue)
  • TypeScript doesn't support the pipeline operator (yet). (see issue)


npm i @dovca/ts-fns

One example for all

import {
    add, flow, fromCharCode, grow, increment,
    join, log, map, multiply, toArray,
} from '@dovca/ts-fns';

const result = flow(
  1,                 // 1
  add(12),           // 13
  multiply(5),       // 65
  toArray,           // [65]
  grow(increment),   // [65, 66]
  map(fromCharCode), // ['A', 'B']
  join(', '),        // 'A, B'
  log,               // -> console.log('A, B')

result; // 'A, B'

Used nomenclature

  • flowing value - the value that is being passed through the functions
  • to produce a value - a function produces a value that then becomes the flowing value
  • predicate - a unary function that "passes" when it returns true for a given value


abs, add, all, and, any, append, toArray, ascending, assign, at, backwardIterator, binaryOperation, bind, bindCurried, callWith, camelCase, cbrt, ceil, charAt, charCodeAt, chunk, chunkBy, chunkWith, circularIterator, command, compact, comparator, concat, constant, constantCase, count, countWith, curry, cut, decapitate, decrement, descending, difference, differenceWith, discard, divide, divideBy, double, dropRightUntil, dropRightWhile, dropUntil, dropUntilReversed, dropWhile, dropWhileReversed, endsWith, entries, equalizeWith, every, fallback, fill, filter, find, findIndex, findIndexReversed, findKey, findLast, findLastIndex, findReversed, first, firstLoose, flat, flatMap, floor, flow, forEach, forEachReversed, forwardIterator, fromCharCode, fromPairs, funnel, gather, groupBy, groupWith, grow, growWhile, head, hypot, identity, includes, increment, indexOf, infiniteIterator, intersection, intersectionWith, inverseOperatorMinus, inverseOperatorSlash, isArray, isEqual, isEven, isFalsy, isFinite, isGreaterThan, isGreaterThanOrEqual, isInteger, isLessThan, isLessThanOrEqual, isNegative, isNonNegative, isNonPositive, isNotEqual, isNotNullish, isNotOneOf, isNullish, isNumber, isObject, isOdd, isOneOf, isPositive, isString, isTruthy, isValidIndex, isZero, join, kebabCase, keep, keyBy, keys, last, lastIndexOf, lastLoose, length, localeCompare, log, lowerCase, map, mapEntries, mapKeys, mapValues, mapWithPrevInput, mapWithPrevOutput, match, max, memoize, min, modulo, multiply, negate, negative, neighbors, noop, not, omit, operatorAnd, operatorGreaterThan, operatorGreaterThanOrEqual, operatorLessThan, operatorLessThanOrEqual, operatorMinus, operatorOr, operatorPercent, operatorPlus, operatorSlash, operatorStar, operatorXor, or, parity, partition, pascalCase, pick, pickBy, pickValues, pipe, pop, pow, prepend, product, property, push, reciprocal, reduce, reduceAtMost, reduceReversed, reduceRight, remove, repeat, replace, reverse, reversedIterator, round, safeAdd, safeDivide, safeDivideBy, safeInverseOperatorMinus, safeInverseOperatorSlash, safeMax, safeMin, safeMultiply, safeOperatorMinus, safeOperatorPlus, safeOperatorSlash, safeOperatorStar, safeSubtract, safeSubtractFrom, sameValueZero, search, seq, shift, shuffle, sign, slice, snakeCase, some, sort, split, spread, sqrt, square, startsWith, substring, subtract, subtractFrom, sum, tail, takeRightUntil, takeRightWhile, takeUntil, takeUntilReversed, takeWhile, takeWhileReversed, toLocaleLowerCase, toLocaleUpperCase, toRegex, toString, trim, trimEnd, trimStart, trunc, unary, uncurry, union, unionWith, unique, unshift, unwrap, upperCase, values, wrap, xor, zip, zipWith




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