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    A command which exports a project bundle which can be used with the @dojo/web-editor and other tools.

    WARNING This is alpha software. This is not yet production ready, so you should use at your own risk.


    This command will create a JSON file which will contain all the necessary information about the current code to be able to be loaded into the @dojo/web-editor. It is possible that it can be used with other tools which can read the custom format.

    The types for the file are located in interfaces/project.json.d.ts with the interface for the main file being ProjectJson.

    How do I use this package?

    To create a project export:

    $ dojo export project
    Export project bundle
      exported to "my-project.project.json"

    This will export a file ending in .project.json which will be named after the name of your package in the package.json file.

    There are several options that can be passed on the command line:

    Flag Type Description
    -c, --content string A comma seperated list of extentions of files to include in the project files. Defaults to "ts,html,css,json,xml,md".
    -o, --out string The output path for the generated bundle. Defaults to the current working directory.
    -p, --project string The path to the root of the project to bunde. Defaults to the current working directory.
    -v, --verbose flag Provide verbose output when generating the editor bundle.
    -h, --help flag Show help

    How do I contribute?

    We appreciate your interest! Please see the Dojo 2 Meta Repository for the Contributing Guidelines and Style Guide.


    Test cases MUST be written using Intern using the Object test interface and Assert assertion interface.

    90% branch coverage MUST be provided for all code submitted to this repository, as reported by Istanbul’s combined coverage results for all supported platforms.

    To test locally in node run:

    grunt test

    © 2017 JS Foundation & contributors. New BSD license.




    npm i @dojo/cli-export-project

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