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A basic SSG that turns Markdown to HTML pages. It uses md2html, another package I made that wraps around remark and gray-matter, to generate HTML, and then replaces placeholders in a template with the generated HTML and (optional) YAML front-matter data.


Usage is very simple, as currently it only has one function. Once more functionality is added, there will be a documentation page.


const md2pages = require("@dodiameer/md2pages");
const fs = require("fs");
/* HTML Template Can be a multiline string with backticks (`...`)
 * or an output of fs.readFile() (or fs.readFileSync). I.E as long
 * as you pass a string it should be okay
const htmlTemplate = fs.readFileSync("path/to/template.html"); // Or a multiline string  
md2pages.generateHTML(inputDirectory, outputDirectory, {
    htmlTemplate: htmlTemplate

If no template is provided, it will default to a simple template with the content inside an <article/>.

HTML template

        <!-- Anything inside {curly brackets} is considered YAML front-matter data -->
        <!-- Here, {title} will be replaced with the title defined in YAML front-matter -->
            <h2>Author: {author}</h2>
                {{html}} is where the generated HTML will be placed. If omitted, generated HTML will not be output. NOTE: this is the only tag with double curly brackets

Note: currently, YAMl front-matter support only works with strings and numbers, meaning you can't use lists or objects. However, there are plans to support this in the near future.


  • dodiameer (Me)

Note that currently, I'm the only one working on this and I'm just a hobbyist with no work experience. Some code will run badly and have unexpected bugs (features?). I don't recommend using this in a project other than a simple project or a project where you don't mind messy code in your libraries, until I either have proper knowledge or someone with me to give me some guidance. If you do decide to use this or even just give it a try, please tell me what you think. Your advice is priceless and will always be welcome.

Thanks for reading ^__^.

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