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    Node.js implementation of Steam crypto. All keys, data, and signatures are passed as Buffers.

    Fork of, and compatible with, steam-crypto.

    verifySignature(data, signature[, algorithm])

    Verifies an RSA signature using the Steam system's public key. algorithm defaults to "RSA-SHA1". Returns true if the signature is valid, or false if not.


    • nonce - If you were prompted by Steam with a nonce, provide it here (as a Buffer)

    Generates a 32 byte random blob of data and encrypts it with RSA using the Steam system's public key. Returns an object with the following properties:

    • plain - the generated session key
    • encrypted - the encrypted session key

    If you provided a nonce, then encrypted is the RSA'd concatenation of the session key and the nonce (in that order).

    symmetricEncrypt(input, sessionKey[, iv])

    Encrypts input using sessionKey and iv (or a securely-random IV if you don't provide one) and returns the result.

    symmetricEncryptWithHmacIv(input, sessionKey)

    Encrypts input using sessionKey and an IV which is partially comprised of an HMAC of the input.

    symmetricDecrypt(input, sessionKey[, checkHmac])

    Decrypts input using sessionKey and returns the result.

    If the IV in this ciphertext contains an HMAC, pass true for checkHmac and it will be validated. Otherwise, it will not be validated (default behavior).

    symmetricDecryptECB(input, sessionKey)

    Decrypts input using sessionKey and the AES/ECB/PKCS7 cipher without an IV and returns the result.



    npm i @doctormckay/steam-crypto

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