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    v2.0.0 has been released and is considered the first fully stable version of Doc Kits: React. This library will move forward in a predictable way from this point. Note, that due to some major flaws the Playground was removed in v2.0.0 but will be reintroduced in a much better way in a future version update soon.

    💅 Features

    • Components can easily be integrated into documentation frameworks like Docz, Styleguidist, and more.
    • Components can be used in isolation. Use one, many, or all.
    • Fully customizable styles via Emotion and Facepaint.
    • Built using React, TypeScript, Emotion, and Facepaint.

    ⬇️ Install

    Via Yarn or NPM:

    yarn add @doc-kits/react

    npm install @doc-kits/react

    📚 Usage

    import { OptionList } from '@doc-kits/react';

    Each component can be imported by name like shown above. See the demo section below to view the documentation for all of the available components.

    Usage Documentation

    Available Components

    🎩 Demo

    Storybook Demos & Component Documentation

    🔑 Why?

    It seems that more recently there has been an emphasis on documentation not only in the open-source community, but at corporate companies small and large.

    In the past, documentation was very much a second-hand thought, but now, more than ever, it is increasingly important to document our systems for easier comprehension by our end users.

    The React component ecosystem has given rise to full-fledged documentation engines like Docz and Styleguidist.

    The problem is there has yet to be a React component library centered around documentation that can be integrated into these engines or used for custom documentation projects.

    The solution is @doc-kits/react 😊

    Our goal is to create documentation-related components you didn't even know you wanted!


    npm i @doc-kits/react

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