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    Furious Starter Kit
    for Backlight

    Furious is a design system starter kit based on FAST and FAST Frame Design System (@microsoft/fast-components). It configures FAST Frame with sensible defaults, makes it ready for your extensions where needed and lays a foundation for your future documentation.


    • ♻️ Open source
    • 🔥 40+ accessible components
    • 🎨 Adaptive color system
    • 📚 Interactive documentation
    • 🌗 Dark mode support out of the box


    Duplicate in Backlight

    This is the recommended way, as Backlight gives you an all-in-one design system platform.

    In order to create your own project from this starter kit using Backlight, go to the Backlight website and sign up or log in if you already have an account. Make sure you have a workspace, then go to starter-furious and click the Duplicate button in the top right corner, this will create a project based on this starter kit for you.


    Design System Documentation

    Furious is shipped with a good documentation basis which starts in the introduction and then walks you through the usage of tokens and components. Just open it and start exploring!

    Backlight Documentation

    We created DS Mastery to help you become a hero in the design system development.

    To learn about Backlight features there is an official documentation too.



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