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    @digest/webpack-typescript provides the required TypeScript Webpack dependencies and enables typescript in @digest/webpack.

    @digest/webpack processes TypeScript files through Webpack just like ordinary JavaScript. No additional build step is required and all the same Webpack features work as expected. For TypeScript IDE integration, extend the included @digest/typescript config by creating a tsconfig.json file in the root of your project:

    	"extends": "node_modules/@digest/typescript/src/tsconfig.json"

    However, with this default tsconfig.json, TypeScript files are not able to import JavaScript. The setting noImplicitAny is set to true and that prevents JavaScript files from being imported within TypeScript files. That said, it is simple to override the default settings. For example, to import JavaScriptm, set noImplicitAny to false in your tsconfig.json:

    	"extends": "node_modules/@digest/typescript/src/tsconfig.json",
    	"compilerOptions": {
    		"noImplicitAny": false

    However it is dangerous to turn off noImplicitAny. Only use if you must import JavaScript. If so, work towards converting all your code to TypeScript. It is also possible to import JavaScript using require(), but this will prevent tree shaking.

    At this time, there are several gotcha's with TypeScript such as .css, .scss, and .json imports, and using Webpack's System API. These can be resolved in a .d.ts file. Regrettably, it is not possible with the shared tsconfig.json to include a default global.d.ts file while also excluding implicit node_modules definitions. You may create a global.d.ts file in the source directory of your project and add the following helpful entries:

    /* Place inside your /src/global.d.ts */
    declare module '*.css';
    declare module '*.scss';
    declare var System: {
    	import: any
    declare module "*.json" {
    		const value: any;
    		export default value;
    declare var BUILD: {
    	DATE: Date;




    npm i @digest/webpack-typescript

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