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Javascript SDK For Verifiable Credentials

At the moment, this library only contains a function to interact with an Identity Provider to get a credential presentation for a user.

The flow to request a credential is performed through a browser.


Install library

npm install @dfinity/verifiable-credentials

The bundle needs peer dependencies, be sure that following resources are available in your project as well.

npm install @dfinity/principal

Import per modules:

// import * from '@dfinity/verifiable-credentials'; // Error: use sub-imports, to ensure small app size
import { requestVerifiablePresentation } from "@dfinity/verifiable-credentials/request-verifiable-presentation";

Relying Party: Request Credentials

Use the function requestVerifiablePresentation to request credentials from an issuer.


The function performs the following steps:

  • Open a new window or tab with the Identity Provider.
  • Wait for a window post message from the Identity Provider.
  • Send a request to the Identity Provider through the window post message.
  • Wait for the response from the Identity Provider.
  • Call onSuccess callback when the flow was successful. Not necessarily that the credential was received.
  • Call onError callback when the flow has some technical error or the user closes the window.

More info in the Internet Identity Specification for Verifiable Credentials.


To start a flow, call the function with the expected parameters:

  onSuccess: async (verifiablePresentation: VerifiablePresentationResponse) => {
    // Called when the flow finishes successfully.
  onError() {
    // Called when there is a technical error.
  issuerData: {
    origin: "<url of the origin>",
    canisterId: "<[optional] canister id>",
  credentialData: {
    credentialSpec: {
      credentialType: '<credential type as expected by issuer>',
      arguments: {
        // Arguments to verify with the credential
    credentialSubject: "<user's principal>",
  identityProvider: "<[optional] url identity provider>",
  derivationOrigin: "<[optional] origin for delegated identity>",
  windowOpenerFeatures: "<[optional] window opener config string>",


List of properties expected in the parameter when calling the function:

  • onSuccess: Function that will be called when the flow finishes. Not necessarily with the credential. This is also called if the user doesn't have the credential.
  • onError: Function that will be called when the flow failes due to a technical error. Also when the user interrupts the flow.
  • issuerData: Object with the origin and canisterId of the issuer.
  • credentialData: Object with the subbject and the credential requested.
  • identityProvider: URL of the Identity Provider. Ex: new URL("https://identity.ic0.app/").
  • derivationOrigin: Indicates an origin that should be used for principal derivation. It's the same value as the one used when logging in. More info.
  • windowOpenerFeatures The flow will open a new window or tab. Pass here a configuration string to customize it.

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