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DevCycle NodeJS SDK

The NodeJS SDK for DevCycle!


Our library can be found on npm and installed by the following:

npm install @devcycle/devcycle-nodejs-sdk

To use in your project, import the initialize function:


import { DVC, Configuration }  from '@devcycle/devcycle-nodejs-sdk'
const config = new Configuration({
    apiKey: 'your_server_key_here'

const instance: DVC = new DVC(config)

User Object

The full user data must be passed into every request. The only required field is the user_id. The rest are optional and may affect the variables and features that are returned from the calls below.

const user = {
    user_id: 'user1',
    name: 'user 1 name',
    customData: {
        customKey: 'customValue'

Getting All Features

You can wait on the features to be loaded from our servers by using getFeatures() function. It returns a promise that you can use to wait until features are ready to be used:

    const features = await instance.getFeatures(user)

Grabbing Variable Values

To get values from your Variables, getVariable() is used to fetch variable values using the identifier key coupled with a default value. The default value can be of type string, boolean, number, or object.

const variable = instance.getVariableByKey(user, 'YOUR_VARIABLE_KEY', 'default value')

To grab the value, there is a property on the object returned to grab the value

const variable = {

The variable also contains the variable _id, key, and type. In a situation where the default value is needed (e.g. the user in the request is not part of a feature that controls the variable), then the default value is used. In that case, the variable returned from the function will not contain the _id or type fields.

Grabbing All Variables

To grab all the Variables for a user:

   const variables = await instance.getVariables(user)




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