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Nodes management used by core library.

Tracks various types of nodes (directly connected, peer's peers, aware of nodes) and provides API for selecting nodes for various purposes (sharing aware of nodes with others, selecting nodes for routing paths).

How to install

npm install @detox/nodes-manager

How to use


var detox_nodes_manager = require('@detox/nodes-manager')

detox_nodes_manager.ready(function () {
    // Do stuff


requirejs(['@detox/nodes-manager'], function (detox_nodes_manager) {
    detox_nodes_manager.ready(function () {
        // Do stuff


detox_nodes_manager(bootstrap_nodes : Object[], aware_of_nodes_limit = 1000 : number, stale_aware_of_node_timeout = 5 * 60 : number) : detox_nodes_manager

Constructor for Manager object.

  • bootstrap_nodes - array of strings in format node_id:address:port
  • aware_of_nodes_limit - how many aware of nodes should be kept in memory
  • stale_aware_of_node_timeout - how much time should pass since addition of the node to aware of nodes before it is consider stale and needs refreshing or replacing with new one

detox_nodes_manager.add_bootstrap_node(node_id : Uint8Array, bootstrap_node : string)

Sets node_id as bootstrap node reachable using bootstrap_node details.

detox_nodes_manager.get_bootstrap_nodes() : string[]

Returns array of collected bootstrap nodes obtained during DHT operation in the same format as bootstrap_nodes argument in constructor.

detox_nodes_manager.get_candidates_for_disconnection(exclude_nodes : Uint8Array[]) : Uint8Array[]

When too many nodes are directly connected, this method can be used to select a few less important nodes that can be disconnected.

detox_nodes_manager.add_connected_node(node_id : Uint8Array)

Set node_id as node to which there is a direct connection.

detox_nodes_manager.get_random_connected_nodes(up_to_number_of_nodes : number) : Uint8Array[]

Select up to up_to_number_of_nodes random nodes from those having direct connection, may return null if there are no nodes to return.

detox_nodes_manager.has_connected_node(node_id : Uint8Array) : boolean

Returns true if there is a direct connection to node_id.

detox_nodes_manager.del_connected_node(node_id : Uint8Array)

Removes node_id from nodes to which there is a direct connection.

detox_nodes_manager.set_peer(peer_id : Uint8Array, peer_peers : Uint8Array[])

Stores peer_peers IDs as peers of peer_id.

detox_nodes_manager.set_aware_of_nodes(peer_id : Uint8Array, nodes : Uint8Array[])

Stores nodes IDs as nodes peer_id is aware of.

detox_nodes_manager.get_aware_of_nodes(for_node_id : Uint8Array) : Uint8Array[]

Select 10 aware of nodes as requested by for_node_id.


Returns true if there is still a space in memory to store aware of nodes (or existing aware of nodes need replacement).

detox_nodes_manager.get_nodes_for_routing_path(number_of_nodes : number, exclude_nodes : Uint8Array[]) : Uint8Array[]

Select number_of_nodes that will be used for constructing routing path through them. May return null if there was not enough nodes.

detox_nodes_manager.del_first_node_in_routing_path(node_id : Uint8Array)

Set node_id (the first node in the list returned by get_nodes_for_routing_path() method) as unused when routing path was destroyed.


Destroy instance.

detox_nodes_manager.on(event: string, callback: Function) : detox_nodes_manager

Register event handler.

detox_nodes_manager.once(event: string, callback: Function) : detox_nodes_manager

Register one-time event handler (just on() + off() under the hood).

detox_nodes_manager.off(event: string[, callback: Function]) : detox_nodes_manager

Unregister event handler.

Event: connected_nodes_count

Payload is a single argument count (number). Event is fired when new direct connection with node is established or destroyed.

Event: aware_of_nodes_count

Payload is a single argument count (number). Event is fired when number of nodes which current node is aware of changes.

Event: peer_error

Payload consists of single Uint8Array argument peer_id.

Event is fired to notify higher level about peer error, error is a strong indication of malicious node, communication must be stopped immediately.

Event: peer_warning

Payload consists of single Uint8Array argument peer_id.

Event is fired to notify higher level about peer warning, warning is a potential indication of malicious node, but threshold must be implemented on higher level.


Feel free to create issues and send pull requests (for big changes create an issue first and link it from the PR), they are highly appreciated!

When reading LiveScript code make sure to configure 1 tab to be 4 spaces (GitHub uses 8 by default), otherwise code might be hard to read.


Free Public License 1.0.0 / Zero Clause BSD License





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