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    This package generates postman collection from express controllers.


    Install package as a dev dependency via npm.

    npm install --save @deskree/postman-collection-generator

    Import package either into the base class of your controllers or to each controller individually:

    import {PostmanController} from "@deskree/postman-collection-generator";


    Controller Data Structure

    postman-collection-generator creates postman collections from express controllers. In order for the collection and items to be generated correctly, each controller has to be a class that implements a PostmanController and have the apprpriate data structure. See example below:

    // exampleController.ts
    import {PostmanController} from "@deskree/postman-collection-generator";
    export class ExampleController implements PostmanController {
        public name = 'Example Name of Postman Folder';
        public description = 'Example Description of Postman Folder';
        public routes = [
                name: 'GET Something by id',
                url: '/example/{{id}}',
                method: 'GET',
                description: 'Get something from somewhere by some id',
                params: ['some_param=123'],
                headers: [{ key: 'Content-Type', value: 'application/json' }]
                name: 'Create Product',
                url: '/product',
                method: 'POST',
                body: {
                    product: {
                        title: "Product Name",
                        price: 12,
                        tags: [

    Overall Data Structure

    Parameter Type Required Description
    name string yes Name of Postman folder (itemsGroup)
    description string no Description of Postman folder (itemsGroup)
    routes array yes List of Postman requests (items)

    routes Data Structure

    Parameter Type Required Description
    name string yes Name of Postman request
    description string no Description of Postman request
    url string yes Postman request URL
    method string yes Postman request method (ex. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
    params array of strings no List of postman request parameters
    headers array of objects no List of postman request headers. Each header must have the following structure: { key: 'Some header key', value: 'some header value' }
    body object no Body of postman request

    Configure package.json

    In order to run postman-collection-generator, just add the following line into your package.json's "scripts" with appropriate parameters. Example:

    "scripts": {
        "postman": "postman-generator --folder src/controllers --outputDir ./ --integrationName Example --baseURL https://user.deskree.com/api/v1"

    Command parameters:

    Parameter Type Required Description
    --folder string yes Folder with your controllers
    --outputDir string yes Folder where you want to save the postman collection
    --integrationName string yes Name of your postman collection
    --baseURL string yes Base url for all requests within your collection


    Once everything is set up and package.json is configured, just run the following command to generate your Postman collection:

    npm run postman


    The command will generate collection.json file in the specified folder. You can import this collection into Postman.

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    This project is licensed under the MIT License


    npm i @deskree/postman-collection-generator

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