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    Where a user does not complete the web-sales user journey after a successful payment this process will query the GOV.UK API for the status of those payments. If a payment has been completed the mop-up job will complete the payment automatically

    node src/payment-mop-up-job.js [--age-minutes <number>] [--scan-duration-hours <number>]

    The age is the time elapsed since the payment was created when the transaction becomes eligible for the mop up process. It defaults to 180 minutes.

    The scan duration is the interval over which the transaction will be queried. For example if with a max age of 180 minutes and a scan duration of 24 hours then candidate transactions are those started between 27 and 24 hours ago. The scan duration should be larger than the periodicity of the job to provide continuous coverage of all transactions. Since the job will not process the same transaction twice.

    Environment variables

    name description required default valid
    NODE_ENV Node environment no development, test, production
    SALES_API_URL The address of the sales api no
    SALES_API_TIMEOUT_MS The timeout in milliseconds requests to the api no 10000
    GOV_PAY_API_URL The GOV.UK Pay API base url no Yes
    GOV_PAY_APIKEY GOV pay access identifier no Yes
    GOV_PAY_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_MS Timeout in milliseconds for API requests no Yes
    RATE_LIMIT_MS Rate limit for the process no 250
    CONCURRENCY Concurrency for the process no 4
    SCAN_DURATION_HOURS The number of hours over which the transactions will be scanned no 24
    INCOMPLETE_PURCHASE_AGE_MINUTES The age of the incomplete purchase in minutes no 60
    AIRBRAKE_HOST URL of airbrake host no
    AIRBRAKE_PROJECT_KEY Project key for airbrake logging no

    The details of the GOV.UK payment API can be found here; https://docs.payments.service.gov.uk/#gov-uk-pay-technical-documentation


    npm i @defra-fish/payment-mop-up-job

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