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    Rod Licensing - Fulfilment Processor

    The fulfilment-job package handles the delivery of fulfilment requests to the fulfilment provider via FTP.

    Fulfilment is where a licence card and an accompanying letter are posted to an angler who has purchased a licence.

    This job will query the configured Microsoft Dynamics instance for fulfilment requests which have not yet been associated with a fulfilment request file. Each outstanding fulfilment request is staged into AWS S3.

    The initial export phase writes fulfilment requests into 'part files'. This is due to limitations in the number of requests that can be sent to Microsoft Dynamics in a batch transaction. Currently that limit is 1000 requests and for each batch of 1000 one request in required to create/update the fulfilment file entity, leaving 999 requests available to associate the fulfilment requests which were written to the part file with the fulfilment file entity. This means that each part file may contain up to 999 fulfilment request records. Multiple part files may be written for each fulfilment file depending on the configured FULFILMENT_FILE_SIZE.

    After the export phase has completed, the delivery phase retrieves all of the part files from AWS S3 and aggregates these into the final fulfilment files to be delivered. The aggregated files and corresponding sha256 hashes are written to both AWS S3 and to the FTP server of the fulfilment provider.

    Environment variables

    name description required default valid notes
    NODE_ENV Node environment no development, test, production
    FULFILMENT_FILE_SIZE The maximum number of records written to an aggregated fulfilment file yes
    FULFILMENT_FTP_HOST The hostname of the target FTP server yes
    FULFILMENT_FTP_PORT The port of the FTP service on the target server yes
    FULFILMENT_FTP_PATH The base path under which files should be written to the FTP server yes
    FULFILMENT_FTP_USERNAME The username used to authenticate with the FTP server yes
    FULFILMENT_FTP_KEY_SECRET_ID The ID of the secret in AWS secrets manager which contains the SSH key for authentication yes
    FULFILMENT_S3_BUCKET The name of the AWS S3 bucket in which to stage and aggregate fulfilment data yes
    FULFILMENT_SEND_UNENCRYPTED_FILE Flag for whether to send the unencrypted fulfilment file no false true, false, 0, 1
    FULFILMENT_PGP_PUBLIC_KEY_SECRET_ID The secret id for the file encryption public key yes
    DEBUG Use to enable output of debug information to the console yes fulfilment:*, fulfilment:staging, fulfilment:transport, fulfilment:ftp
    AIRBRAKE_HOST URL of airbrake host no
    AIRBRAKE_PROJECT_KEY Project key for airbrake logging no

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    See main project documentation.


    npm i @defra-fish/fulfilment-job

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