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This package is used to fetch, publish, and manage your packages on DCPM. The tool is expected to be installed globally. To install this via npm:

npm i -g @dcpm/cli

or yarn if you're close enough to facebook that they dictate your development practices:

yarn global add @dcpm/cli

At this point you can fetch packages from dcpm. To see what's available go to the DCPM App. Here you can search for packages and read our docs.



To login just run:

dcpm auth

This will prompt for a username and password and log you in, or create an account if it's a new username, and save your token to ~/.dcpm.


You can run any of the scripts in a manifest via:

dcpm run <script-name>

This will run the script and output the result to your command line. This is an early feature, expect changes.


To create a .env file with the correct values run:

dcpm setup

This will ask you a series of questions and then write a .env file. If the manifest doesn't have any setup it will let you know.


The most simple use case is fetching a simple package:

dcpm get home-media

This will find the latest version of home-media and create a folder called home-media in your current working directory that contains all of its files.

You can also specify a version:

dcpm get home-media@1.0.1

This does the same thing but for a deterministic package version.


To publish a package, navigate to the folder that contains a manifest.yml as defined by our docs and run:

dcpm publish

This will read the manifest, zip the correct files, and upload them to our backend. You need to be logged in to do this.

user management

This command allows you to authorize additional users to publish new versions of your package:

dcpm add-user some-person your-package

Removal can be accomplished via:

dcpm remove-user some-person your-package


This project is in a very early alpha state. This stuff is liable to change at random. The docs site should be up to date whenever a batch of changes comes out.




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