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    Crypto History Parser

    A tool to parse the history of the cryptocurrency market.

    Input formats

    The historical data from investing.com can be downloaded in CSV format and parsed by this software. For example, this page provides BTC/USD history.

    Additional formats can be supported by adding an entry to NormalizeStream._converters.

    Output format

    The output is an array of historical samples, ordered by time, and formatted as JSON.

    Each historical sample may contain the following fields:

    Field Type Semantics Description
    time Number UNIX timestamp The opening time of the trading period.
    open Number Currency The price at the opening of the trading period.
    close Number Currency The price at the closing of the trading period.
    high Number Currency The highest price during the trading period.
    low Number Currency The lowest price during the trading period.
    volume Number Currency The volume during the trading period.
    change Number Percent The change in price during the trading period.


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