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DatX is an opinionated data store for use with the MobX state management library. It features support for simple observable property definition, references to other models and first-class TypeScript support.

@datx/jsonapi is a datx mixin that adds JSON API support.

Basic usage

import { Collection, Model, Attribute } from '@datx/core';
import { jsonapiCollection, jsonapiModel } from '@datx/jsonapi';
import { computed } from 'mobx';

class Person extends jsonapiModel(Model) {
  public static type = 'person'; // Unique name of the model class

  public name: string; // A normal observable property without a default value

  public surname: string;

  @Attribute({ toOne: Person })
  public spouse?: Person; // A reference to a Person model

  public get fullName() {
    // Standard MobX computed props
    return `${this.name} ${this.surname}`;

class AppData extends jsonapiCollection(Collection) {
  public static types = [Person]; // A list of models available in the collection

const store = new AppData();
const john = store.add(new Person({ name: 'John', surname: 'Smith' })); // Add a model instance to the store
const jane = store.add({ name: 'Jane', surname: 'Smith', spouse: john }, Person); // Add a model to the store

await john.save(); // POST to the server
const people = await store.fetchAll(Person); // Get all people from the server

Getting started

Note: @datx/jsonapi has a peer dependency to mobx@^4.2.0 or mobx@^5.5.0, so don't forget to install the latest MobX version:

npm install --save @datx/jsonapi mobx


The lib makes use of the following features that are not yet available everywhere. Based on your browser support, you might want to polyfill them:

How to add the polyfills. Note: Fetch API is not included in the polyfills mentioned in the Troubleshooting page. Instead, you need to add it as a separate library. If you don't have any special requirements (like server-side rendering), you can use the window.fetch polyfill.

API reference


Having issues with the library? Check out the troubleshooting page or open an issue.

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The MIT License


datx-jsonapi is maintained and sponsored by Infinum.


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