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    Basic Profile DataModel

    DataModel implementation of the Basic Profile schema and definition specified in CIP-19.


    npm install -D @datamodels/identity-profile-basic


    The Basic Profile contains a DID's basic profile information.

    By standardizing profile information for DIDs, the Basic Profile simplifies how applications can view and display the profiles of their users.

    A profile is one of the most important aspects to identity: Profiles are often most associated with identity, and the Basic Profile serves as the standard profile for a DID that can be used everywhere across the web.

    DID-agnostic support: Since Ceramic documents can be created and controlled by any DID, the Basic Profile can be used in conjunction with any DID method.



    The Basic Profile schema defines the format of a document that contains the properties listed below. Properties not defined in the schema cannot be included in the Basic Profile, however the schema can always be updated via a new CIP.

    Property Description Value Max Size Required Example
    name a name string 150 char optional Mary Smith
    image an image Image sources optional
    description a short description string 420 char optional This is my cool description.
    emoji an emoji unicode 2 char optional 🔢
    background a background image (3:1 ratio) Image sources optional
    birthDate a date of birth ISO 8601 10 char optional 1990-04-24
    url a url string 240 char optional
    gender a gender string 42 char optional female
    homeLocation a place of residence string 140 char optional Berlin
    residenceCountry a country of residence ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 2 char optional DE
    nationalities nationalities array of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 values 2 char optional CN
    affiliations affiliations array of strings 240 char optional Ceramic Ecosystem Alliance



    Dual licensed under MIT and Apache 2


    npm i @datamodels/identity-profile-basic

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