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    Codeship Status for dannybster/expected-errors


    A collection of expected errors that can be raised and middleware for handling/responding to them.

    Version 0.7.0

    • Added #isExternalServiceError.
    • Renamed #handleExpectedError to #handleHttpError as it is a better explanation of what it does.
    • Added #createExternalServiceError.
    • Exported #createHttpError for creating generic expected http errors.

    Version 0.6.0

    • #createUnauthorizedError now accepts an original error parameter that will be accessible by calling cause() on the error returned from #createUnauthorizedError.
    • Unauthorized errors now have the name UnauthorizedError.
    • Unauthorized errors now have the message Unauthorized Error.

    Version 0.5.0

    • handleExpectedError now only sends a response if the headers have not been sent. This is to cater for the use case of an error being raised by a longer running operation that runs on the server but the server has already told the client that everything is ok to aid with performance.

    Version 0.4.0

    • Updated createNotFoundError to take an error object parameter that will become the cause of not found error returned.

    Version 0.3.0

    • Added createConflictError.
    • Added isConflictError.

    Version 0.2.4

    • Added the verror dependancy back as it turns out the way verror handles messages is very handy for logging (it concatenates it's causes).
    • Added a name property of ServiceUnavailableError to service unavailable errors.
    • Added a code property of 503 to service unavailable errors.

    Version 0.2.3

    Version 0.2.2

    • Changed the interface of createServiceUnavailableError to just take a cause
      as the thinking is the type of error is descriptive enough. That is any expected error should just be a type wrapper for a cause. Internally it is possible to set a message suce as Service Unavailable Error.
    • Removed the reliance on verror as the only thing we were using for was the cause function.
    • These changes have only been applied to createSericeUnavailableError for now to see how they sit in the context of an application.

    Version 0.2.1

    • Removed the usage of rewire as it was not needed and made the tests harder to read.

    Version 0.2.0

    • Added a 503 Service unavailable error.
    • Added logError error middleware.

    Version 0.1.0

    • Added a 404 Not Found error.
    • Added a 401 Unauthorized error.
    • Added the middleware function handleExpectedError to deal with the above errors.




    npm i @dannybster/expected-errors

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