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VCS composition daily:rundown

This is the VCS composition daily:rundown built for the web target.

You can use this package to this composition into your web app.

For example, you might want to render live interactive previews of content that your application will then render into a live stream or recording on Daily's cloud using VCS.

For more information on VCS, see: https://github.com/daily-co/daily-vcs.

How to build

You don't need to read this if you're just using the package!

You only need to build in two cases:

  1. You're maintaining this package;
  2. You have added custom code to the composition and would like to build your own version of the package.

So, if you do want to build... This package is a bit special because the composition itself isn't located automatically and isn't included in this folder. It's in the VCS SDK linked above, and you need to provide the path for the build.

First ensure it's set up internally for building:

yarn install_for_build

Then you must set VCSROOT to point to the VCS SDK before calling yarn build. Example:

VCSROOT=/Users/example/git/daily-vcs yarn build

The composition lookup will then locate this composition under $VCSROOT/compositions.

The build output will be in the dist subdirectory.




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