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Expo is an open-source framework for apps that run natively on Android, iOS, and the web.

This project cannot be used with an Expo Go app because it requires custom native code. Follow the steps in the article on how to make your own development build or prebuild your native projects.

This plugin will automatically configure your native code when it's generated (e.g. with npx expo prebuild) so that it can be used with react-native-daily-js.


Ensure you use versions that work together!

expo @daily-co/react-native-webrtc @config-plugins/react-native-webrtc @daily-co/react-native-daily-js @daily-co/config-plugin-rn-daily-js
50.x 118.0.3-daily.1 8.0.0 0.59.0 0.0.5
49.x 111.0.0-daily.2 7.0.0 0.49.0 0.0.3
48.x 111.0.0-daily.1 6.0.0 0.43.0 0.0.2
47.x 1.94.1-daily.8 5.0.0 0.36.0 0.0.1

Expo installation

Tested against Expo SDK 47 This package cannot be used in the "Expo Go" app because it requires custom native code.

Install react-native-daily-js dependencies

Install the react-native-daily-js dependencies as mentioned here.

npm i @daily-co/react-native-daily-js @react-native-async-storage/async-storage@^1.15.7 react-native-background-timer@^2.3.1 expo-random@^13.6.0 react-native-get-random-values@^1.10.0
npm i --save-exact @daily-co/react-native-webrtc@118.0.3-daily.1

Install Expo config plugins

npm i @config-plugins/react-native-webrtc @daily-co/config-plugin-rn-daily-js

After installing these packages, add the config plugin to the plugins array of your app.json or app.config.js.

  • For iOS you also need to add the voip background permission.
  "expo": {
    "ios": {
      "infoPlist": {
        "UIBackgroundModes": [
    "plugins": [
          "android": {
            "minSdkVersion": 24
          "ios": {
            "deploymentTarget": "13.0"

Expo build

After installing all the dependencies, rebuild your app as described in the "Adding custom native code" guide.

Extra customization

The @config-plugins/react-native-webrtc provides props for extra customization, for instance, to define the camera and microphone permissions prompt messages. See the plugin API to learn more.



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