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Cutie extension for process module in Node. It's based on the Async Tree Pattern.


You can find examples of using this library in the test directory.


npm install @cuties/process

Run test

npm test

Run build

npm run build


const {
  // Needed async objects here from the table below
} = require('@cuties/process');

For more information about parameters in the async objects visit docs of Node for process module.

Async Object Async/sync call Parameters(default value/description) Representation result
Arch process.arch process string
Argv process.argv process string[]
Argv0 process.argv0 process string
Channel process.channel process object|undefined
Chdir process.chdir process, dir string
Config process.config process object
CpuUsage process.cpuUsage process, previousValue object
Cwd process.cwd process string
DebugPort process.debugPort process number
DisconnectedProcess process.disconnect process process
Egid process.getegid process number
Env process.env process object
Euid process.geteuid process number
ExecArgv process.execArgv process object
ExecPath process.execPath process string
ExitCode process.exitCode process number
ExitedProcess process.exit process, code process
FoundProcessOnPort find(from find-process) port first found process or {} if no process on the specified port
Gid process.getgid process number
Hrtime process.hrtime process, time number[]
IsConnected process.connected process boolean
KilledProcess process.kill pid, signal process(as pid)
MainModule process.mainModule process module
MemoryUsage process.memoryUsage process object
NextTick process.nextTick process, callback, ...args process
NoDeprecation process.noDeprecation process boolean
Pid process.pid process number
Platform process.platform process string
ProcessWithBeforeExitEvent process.on('beforeExit', event) process, event(Event with definedBody(exitCode)) process
ProcessWithDisconnectEvent process.on('disconnect', event) process, event(Event with definedBody()) process
ProcessWithEmitedWarning process.emitWarning warning, options process
ProcessWithExitEvent process.on('exit', event) process, event(Event with definedBody(code)) process
ProcessWithMessageEvent process.on('message', event) process, event(Event with definedBody(message, sendHandle)) process
ProcessWithRejectionHandledEvent process.on('rejectionHandled', event) process, event(Event with definedBody(p), p - promise) process
ProcessWithSignalEvent process.on(signal, event) process, signal, event(Event with definedBody()) process
ProcessWithUncaughtExceptionEvent process.on('uncaughtException', event) process, event(Event with definedBody(error)) process
ProcessWithUnhandledRejectionEvent process.on('unhandledRejection', event) process, event(Event with definedBody(reason, p)) process
ProcessWithWarningEvent process.on('warning', event) process, event(Event with definedBody(warning)) process
Release process.release process object
SentMessage process.send process, message, sendHandle, options, callback message
StdErr process.stderr process stream
StdIn process.stdin process stream
StdOut process.stdout process stream
ThrowDeprecation process.throwDeprecation process boolean
Title process.title process string
TraceDeprecation process.traceDeprecation process boolean
Uid process.getuid process number
Umask process.umask process, mask process
Uptime process.uptime process number
Version process.version process string
Versions process.versions process object



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