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Cutie extension for buffer module in Node. It's based on the Async Tree Pattern.


You can find examples of using this library in the test directory.


npm install @cuties/buffer

Run test

npm test

Run build

npm run build


const {
  // Needed async objects here from the table below
} = require('@cuties/buffer');

For more information about parameters in the async objects visit docs of Node for buffer module.

Async Object Async/sync call Parameters Representation result
AllocatedBuffer Buffer.alloc size, fill(0), encoding('utf8') buffer
AllocatedUnsafeBuffer Buffer.allocUnsafe size buffer
AllocatedUnsafeSlowBuffer Buffer.allocUnsafeSlow size buffer
AreBuffersEqual buf1.equals(buf2) buf1, buf2 boolean
ArrayBufferOfBuffer buf.buffer buf ArrayBuffer
ArrayOfBuffers ...buffers ...buffers buffer[]
BufferAsJSON buf.toJSON buf json
BufferEntries buf.entries buf iterator [index, byte]
BufferFromArray Buffer.from array buffer
BufferFromArrayBuffer Buffer.from arrayBuf, byteOffset(0), length(arrayBuf.length - byteOffset) buffer
BufferFromBuffer Buffer.from buf buffer
BufferFromObject Buffer.from object, offsetOrEncoding, length buffer
BufferFromString Buffer.from string, encoding('utf8') buffer
BufferKeys buf.keys buf iterator [index]
BufferLength buf.length buf integer
BufferValues buf.values buf iterator [byte]
ByteLengthOfBuffer Buffer.byteLength string, encoding('utf8') integer
ComparedBuffers source.compare source, target, targetStart(0), targetEnd(target.length), sourceStart(0), sourceEnd(source.length) integer
ConcatenatedBuffers Buffer.concat buffers, totalLength buffer
CopiedBuffer source.copy source, target, targetStart(0), sourceStart(0), sourceEnd(source.length) target
FilledBuffer buf.fill buf, value, offset, end, encoding buffer
IndexOf buf.indexOf buf, value, byteOffset(0), encoding('utf8') integer
IsBuffer Buffer.isBuffer obj boolean
IsEncoding Buffer.isEncoding encoding boolean
IsIncluded buf.includes buf, value, byteOffset(0), encoding('utf8') boolean
LastIndexOf buf.lastIndexOf buf, value, byteOffset(buf.length - 1), encoding('utf8') boolean
ReadDoubleBE buf.readDoubleBE buf, offset number
ReadDoubleLE buf.readDoubleLE buf, offset number
ReadFloatBE buf.readFloatBE buf, offset number
ReadFloatLE buf.readFloatLE buf, offset number
ReadInt16BE buf.readInt16BE buf, offset number
ReadInt16LE buf.readInt16LE buf, offset number
ReadInt32BE buf.readInt32BE buf, offset number
ReadInt32LE buf.readInt32LE buf, offset number
ReadInt8 buf.readInt8 buf, offset number
ReadIntBE buf.readIntBE buf, offset, byteLength number
ReadIntLE buf.readIntLE buf, offset, byteLength number
ReadUInt16BE buf.readUInt16BE buf, offset number
ReadUInt16LE buf.readUInt16LE buf, offset number
ReadUInt32BE buf.readUInt32BE buf, offset number
ReadUInt32LE buf.readUInt32LE buf, offset number
ReadUInt8 buf.readUInt8 buf, offset number
ReadUIntBE buf.readUIntBE buf, offset, byteLength number
ReadUIntLE buf.readUIntLE buf, offset, byteLength number
SlicedBuffer buf.slice buf, start(0), end(buf.length) buffer
StringFromBuffer buf.toString buf, encoding('utf8'), start(0), end(buf.length) string
Swapped16Buffer buf.swap16 buf buffer
Swapped32Buffer buf.swap32 buf buffer
Swapped64Buffer buf.swap32 buf buffer
TranscodedBuffer buffer.transcode source, fromEnc, toEnc
WrittenBuffer buf.write buf, string, offset(0), length(buf.length - offset), encoding('utf8') buffer
WrittenDoubleBE buf.writeDoubleBE buf, value, offset number
WrittenDoubleLE buf.writeDoubleLE buf, value, offset number
WrittenFloatBE buf.writeFloatBE buf, value, offset number
WrittenFloatLE buf.writeFloatLE buf, value, offset number
WrittenInt16BE buf.writeInt16BE buf, value, offset number
WrittenInt16LE buf.writeInt16LE buf, value, offset number
WrittenInt32BE buf.writeInt32BE buf, value, offset number
WrittenInt32LE buf.writeInt32LE buf, value, offset number
WrittenInt8 buf.writeInt8 buf, value, offset number
WrittenIntBE buf.writeIntBE buf, value, offset, byteLength number
WrittenIntLE buf.writeIntLE buf, value, offset, byteLength number
WrittenUInt16BE buf.writeUInt16BE buf, value, offset number
WrittenUInt16LE buf.writeUInt16LE buf, value, offset number
WrittenUInt32BE buf.writeUInt32BE buf, value, offset number
WrittenUInt32LE buf.writeUInt32LE buf, value, offset number
WrittenUInt8 buf.writeUInt8 buf, value, offset number
WrittenUIntBE buf.writeUIntBE buf, value, offset, byteLength number
WrittenUIntLE buf.writeUIntLE buf, value, offset, byteLength number


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