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Cronus CLI

The official CLI of Cronus package

Table of Contents


◦ How to install

Supported arguments and commands

cronus Prefix to command to access the node package


◦ Commands

Supporting developers is an important task for cronus CLI. Thus, cronus CLI provides different commands for many common tasks.

cronus generate-pem To generate public and private keys in .pem format

Options for cronus generate-pem command

--puboutput Default none, not required

--privoutput Default none, not required

cronus sign generate signature from the given public and private keys with a message digest

Options for cronus sign command

--pubinput File name consisting of public key(required)

--privinput File name consisting of private key(required)

--message some text for creating the signatures (default none, not required)

◦ Utilities

The project has several utility packages which are used by other commands

commands - Contains all cronus-cli related generators.

Getting started

You would need to install cronus CLI and the packages you want to use using either npm or yarn. To start with a new project:

generate-pem command generates public and private keys in .pem format

Exit codes and their meanings

Exit Code Description
0 Success
1 Errors from cronus

Code of Conduct

Guidelines to how the cronus organization expects you to behave is documented under Code of Conduct


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