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    Commerce Components Bundle

    Disclaimer: This component was built by the community at large and is not an official Coveo JSUI Component. Use this component at your own risk.

    Available Components

    Dynamic Color Facet

    Displays a dynamic facet where the check boxes are the color of their corresponding field value option. This component extends the DynamicFacet component, therefore all dynamic facet options can be used.

    Dynamic Size Facet

    Displays a dynamic facet where the field value options are organized numerically in a grid. This component extends the DynamicFacet component, therefore all dynamic facet options can be used.

    Store Facet

    Displays a facet that allows you to filter items based on availability in a particular store. The store options in the facet are ordered by distance from the end user. This component extends the Facet component, therefore all facet options can be used.

    Store Picker

    Displays a check box that allows you to filter results based on a single chosen store location.

    Getting Started

    Testing the Components

    For quick testing, you can add the script from unpkg:

    <script src=""></script>

    Disclaimer: Unpkg should be used for testing but not for production.

    Using the Components

    1. Install the component bundle into your project.

      npm i @coveops/commerce-components
    2. Use the components or extend them:


      import { DynamicColorFacet } from '@coveops/commerce-components';
      import { DynamicSizeFacet } from '@coveops/commerce-components';
      import { StoreFacet } from '@coveops/commerce-components';
      import { StorePicker } from '@coveops/commerce-components';


      const DynamicColorFacet = require('@coveops/commerce-components').DynamicColorFacet;
      const DynamicSizeFacet = require('@coveops/commerce-components').DynamicSizeFacet;
      const StoreFacet = require('@coveops/commerce-components').StoreFacet;
      const StorePicker = require('@coveops/commerce-components').StorePicker;
    3. You can also expose the components alongside other components being built in your project.

      export * from '@coveops/commerce-components'
    4. Include the components in your template as follows:

      Place the component in your markup:

      <div class="CoveoDynamicColorFacet" data-field="@color"></div>
      <div class="CoveoDynamicSizeFacet" data-field="@productsize"></div>
      <div class="CoveoStoreFacet" data-title="Store" data-field="@storename" data-computed-field="@distance"
           data-computed-field-format="n2" data-sort-criteria="computedfieldascending" data-number-of-values-in-facet-search='8'
           data-enable-facet-search="true" data-enable-expand-collapse="true" data-auto-collapse="false"
           data-number-of-values="8" data-enable-settings="false"></div>
      <div class="CoveoStorePicker"></div>

    Coveo Platform Configuration

    In order for the Commerce Components to work as expected, you must have created an Omni-Channel Catalog in your organization. This requires you to have first indexed catalog content with the appropriate metadata.


    Extending a component can be done as follows:

    import { DynamicColorFacet, IDynamicColorFacetOptions } from "@coveops/commerce-components";
    export interface IExtendedDynamicColorFacetOptions extends IDynamicColorFacetOptions {}
    export class ExtendedDynamicColorFacet extends DynamicColorFacet {}


    1. Clone the project
    2. Copy .env.dist to .env and update the COVEO_ORG_ID and COVEO_TOKEN fields in the .env file to use your Coveo credentials and SERVER_PORT to configure the port of the sandbox - it will use 8080 by default.
    3. Build the code base: npm run build
    4. Serve the sandbox for live development npm run serve




    npm i @coveops/commerce-components

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