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Guided Tour

A wrapper around Shepherd with extra functionality. Make sure to check out the official shepherd docs.

API Summary


  • registerTour(tourName: string, tour: IGuidedTour | string): Promise
    • Create a tour
  • startTour(tourName: string): Shepherd.Tour
    • Start a certain tour
  • initializeOnQueryParams(queryParam: string = 'tour'): Observable
    • Listen to query params to launch a tour
  • tourEvent$(str: TourEvents): Observable
    • Observable of tour events
// for reference
export type TourStep = Shepherd.Step.StepOptions;
export type TourStepButton = Shepherd.Step.StepOptionsButton;

export enum ITourEvent {
  'click' = 'click',
  'pointerover' = 'pointerover',
  'keyup' = 'keyup',
  'added' = 'added', // added to DOM
  'removed' = 'removed', // removed from DOM

export interface ITourEventOn {
  selector?: string; // css selector
  event?: keyof typeof ITourEvent; // click, pointerover, keyup, added, removed

export interface ITourEventOnOptions {
  timeBeforeShow?: number; // delay before step is displayed
  interval?: number; // time between searches for element, defaults to 500ms

export interface ITourAbortOn extends ITourEventOn {}

export interface ITourOptions extends Shepherd.Tour.TourOptions {
  abortOn?: ITourAbortOn[]; // events to abort on

export interface ITourStepAttachToOptions extends ITourEventOnOptions {
  highlight?: boolean;
  retries?: number; // # num of attempts to find element
  skipIfNotFound?: boolean; // if element is not found after n retries, move on to next step
  else?: string; // if element is not found, go to step with this id
  goBackTo?: string; // back button goes back to step with this id
  skipFromStepCount?: boolean; // show/hide the step count, removes step from total count

export interface ITourStepAdvanceOn extends ITourEventOn {}

export interface ITourStepAdvanceOnOptions extends ITourEventOnOptions {
  jumpTo?: string; // next button will jump to step with this id
  allowGoBack?: boolean; // allow back within this step

export interface ITourStep extends TourStep {
  attachToOptions?: ITourStepAttachToOptions;
  advanceOnOptions?: ITourStepAdvanceOnOptions;
  advanceOn?: ITourStepAdvanceOn[] | ITourStepAdvanceOn | any;
  abortOn?: ITourAbortOn[];
  count?: number;

export interface IGuidedTour extends ITourOptions {
  steps: IGuidedTourStep[];
  finishButtonText?: string; // optionally pass in a localized string; default value is 'finish'
  dismissButtonText?: string; // optionally pass in a localized string; default value is 'cancel tour'

export interface IGuidedTourStep extends ITourStep {
  routing?: {
    route: string;
    extras?: NavigationExtras;

export enum TourEvents {
  complete = 'complete',
  cancel = 'cancel',
  hide = 'hide',
  show = 'show',
  start = 'start',
  active = 'active',
  inactive = 'inactive',

export interface IGuidedTourEvent {
  step: any; // current step tour is showing
  previous: any; // previous step of the tour
  tour: any; // tour object


import { CovalentGuidedTourModule } from '@covalent/guided-tour';


import { CovalentGuidedTourService } from '@covalent/guided-tour';

const basicDemoTour: IGuidedTour = {
  useModalOverlay: true,
  steps: [
      title: 'Fuel',
      text: 'Here are the fuel levels',
      attachTo: {
        element: '#basic-demo #fuel',
        on: 'top',
      title: 'Oxygen',
      text: 'Here are the Oxygen levels.',
      attachTo: {
        element: '#basic-demo #oxygen',
        on: 'top',
      title: 'Global status',
      text: 'Here you can see the global status of the vehicle. That is all there is to it!',
      attachTo: {
        element: '#basic-demo #status',
        on: 'top',
this._guidedTourService.registerTour('basicDemoTour', basicDemoTour);
  .subscribe((event: IGuidedTourEvent) => {
    /* event object contains current step, previous step and tour objects */
<div id="basic-demo">
  <button mat-raised-button color="accent" (click)="startTour()">
    Start tour
  <progress id="oxygen" max="100" value="70">70%</progress>
  <marquee id="status">All systems are running smoothly</marquee>

Running unit tests

Run nx test angular-guided-tour to execute the unit tests.


npm i @covalent/guided-tour

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